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Carroll School of Management Graduate Programs

John McGlynn

United States Navy

John stands in Fulton Hall


For John McGlynn, MBA/MSF ’16, the pursuit of a graduate degree in business is about preparing for two careers. Upon earning his dual degree MBA/MSF from Boston College, John will be commissioned as a United States Marine Corps officer, where he hopes to have an occupational specialty as either a Financial Management or Logistics officer. After John completes his service, he anticipates moving to the civilian sector, and is preparing himself for that transition now.

“I would love to pursue a career as a financial analyst working on fixed income securities - I could never have said that before studying at Boston College. I could also see myself becoming a financial adviser and helping households or nonprofit organizations manage their finances effectively. Once I am ready to retire, I would like to teach high school Mathematics and Finance.”

John grew up in Tallahassee, FL. The youngest of five children, he followed his older brother’s footsteps and attended the United States Naval Academy. “I watched my brother go through the school, and the positive experience I watched him have was attractive to me. With both our grandfathers also having been in the U.S. Navy, I decided I too had the desire to serve this great country in the military.” John graduated in May of 2014, with a degree in Mathematics and a U.S. Marine Corps commission.

The experiences John enjoyed at Annapolis have proved essential to his success in the BC MBA program. “I enjoyed training and formation at the Naval Academy, in particular the summer trainings, where I developed discipline, leadership, critical thinking, and much more in four exciting years. I am convinced that the skills and lessons I have learned and will learn from the military will be very useful for the career I pursue following my commitment.”

John has continued to develop his skills and experience at BC. “I have thoroughly enjoyed the coursework and my classmates. I have learned a great deal in these two years about critical thinking, business, finance, and leadership that I look forward to applying in my career.”

When searching for a graduate program, the BC MBA offered many qualities John admired. “I was immediately attracted by the Boston College faculty. They were friendly, happy, and welcoming, and made me feel part of a family. I also greatly appreciate the smaller program size. I can get to know my classmates more and have higher quality interactions with the professors. Finally, the Jesuit tradition of Boston College is important to me.”

Through the admission process, John was awarded a John J. McMullen Fellowship. The fellowship is an endowed scholarship designated for graduates of the U.S. Naval Academy that covers the full cost of tuition in the BC MBA or MSF programs. Learn more about the McMullen Fellowship and other resources for candidates with U.S. military experience.