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Carroll School of Management Graduate Programs

Full-Time MBA Curriculum


The Full-Time MBA is a two-year program that combines breadth of knowledge in the disciplines of management with the pursuit of expertise in specific subjects.


In the first year, students progress through the core curriculum as a cohort, developing a broad foundation of business knowledge and capabilities while forming meaningful connections with classmates. You will gain profession-ready experience through the completion of:


The second year of the program allows you to strengthen your skills in functional disciplines of your choice. Through the pursuit of elective courses, you can ready yourself for success in your desired field. 

Please note: electives must be 6000 or 8000-level courses.

1st Year, Semester 1

1 Week

7 weeks

7 weeks

MGMT770101/02:Introduction to Strategic Management OPER771601/02: Data Analytics 1: Model Building ISYS772001/02: Data Analytics 2: Technology & Management
ISYS772501/02: Data Analytics 3: Using Databases


MKTG772001/02: Marketing 


ACCT771301/02: Accounting


MFIN770101/02: Economics



Professional Development Programming  MGMT771201/02: Managing People & Organizations MFIN772201/02: Financial Management

Follow Up Professional Development Sessions

Scheduled on several dates throughout the semester


          1st Year, Semester 2

7 weeks

7 weeks

1 Week
ISYS773001/02: Data Analytics 4: Practical Applications OPER772001/02: Operations Management Diane Weiss Competition

MGMT773001/02: Strategic Management

MPRX773001/02: Management Practice Experience (Simulation)
Elective Elective  
2nd Year
Semester 1 Semester 2
Elective Elective
Elective Elective
Elective Elective
Elective Elective


Community Service

The Carroll School has a proud tradition of service to our community. In keeping with that tradition and with our Jesuit heritage, all Carroll School graduate students must fulfill a requirement to serve others through meaningful work as volunteers. Learn more about the Community Service requirement.