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Carroll School of Management Graduate Programs

Curriculum in Investment Research & Management (CIRM)

The Carroll School’s CIRM Program is a three-course sequence of electives that merges theoretical learning with hands-on workshops.

Available to full-time and part-time MBA students as well as MSF candidates, CIRM offers a reality-based curriculum that examines the disparate functions of successful financial services firms and provides an exceptional opportunity for students to gain investment management experience.

During the course of the project, student advisory teams prepare investment proposals for managing "live money" portfolios as part of the university's endowment. CIRM's Board of Advisors awards investment mandates to teams that demonstrate superior competency and responsiveness to specified return objectives and risk parameters.

Finalist teams implement, and accept responsibility for, their proposed investment programs—gaining invaluable experience in responding to actual client requirements.

This hands-on learning builds competency in the areas of investment research, sales and marketing, back-office operations, portfolio accounting systems, custody platforms, trading and settlement procedures.

Learn more about the valuable experience gained by students who complete the CIRM course sequence.

For more information about CIRM, please email David Martens.