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Carroll School of Management Graduate Programs

Citations in Graduate School of Management Assignments

The University expects all students to adhere to accepted norms of intellectual honesty. Any form of plagiarism is a violation of these norms. Boston College refers to plagiarism as "the act of taking the words, ideas, data, illustrations, or statements of another person or source, an presenting them as one's own. Each student is responsible for learning and using proper methods of paraphrasing and footnoting, quotation, and other forms of citation, to ensure that original author, speaker, illustrator, or source of the material used is clearly acknowledged" (/catalog/univ/meta-elements/ssi/integrity.shtml).

It is critical that you cite appropriately in the work that you do here in the Boston College graduate program.  Theft of intellectual property (e.g., plagiarism) is blatantly wrong and can result in severe punishment. Not only is a student placing him/herself at risk of a lawsuit from the author/source of the stolen material, the student is also at risk for failure in the course and/or expulsion from the program.

The Graduate Programs and the University are working hard to make sure you have resources to guide you.  Please take a few minutes to review some of the material that we have available to help you learn when and how to avoid plagiarism. Also, please be very cognizant of the fact that taking material from the internet without proper sourcing is still plagiarism!

The guidebook, Cite Them Right! is on reserve in O'Neill Library. Go to the reserve desk for this resource (listed under Professor Rick Powers).

Boston College:
The University has a wealth of citation management tips and tools. Tools can be found at: /content/bc/libraries/help/citation/management.html . Citation formatting styles can be found at: /content/bc/libraries/help/citation/formatting.html . Be sure to check with your professor to see if he/she has a style preference so that you are using the correct format.