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Carroll School of Management

Michael G. Pratt

o’connor family professor
phd director, management and organization department


Ph.D., University of Michigan
M.A., University of Michigan
B.S., University of Dayton, summa cum laude


Prior to joining the Department of Management and Organization at Boston College in 2008, Pratt was a professor of organizational behavior at the University of Illinois. He currently enjoys a courtesy appointment with the Department of Psychology. He also serves as an associate editor for the Administrative Science Quarterly, and is an Academy of Management Fellow.

His research is problem-centered and process-oriented, and consequently he tends to engage in cross-level research. His interests include how individuals connect with the work that they do, as well as to the organizations, professions, occupations, and other collectives in which they find themselves. Theoretically, his research draws heavily from theories of identity and identification, meaning, emotion, intuition, and culture (e.g., artifacts). Methodologically, while he has published work that utilizes lab research and surveys, much of his work is ethnographic or otherwise qualitative in nature. Recent research projects center on meaningful work, collective ambivalence, professional identity work, and the social construction of trust among firefighters.

His work has appeared in various outlets, including the Academy of Management Annual Review, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Administrative Science Quarterly, Journal of Management Inquiry, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Organizational Change Management, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Journal of Vocational Behavior, Management Learning, Organizational Research Methods, Organization Science, Qualitative Inquiry, Science, Small Group Research, Studies in Cultures, Organizations and Societies, and in numerous edited books. He also has co-edited the books: Artifacts and Organizations: Beyond Mere Symbolism (with A. Rafaeli, 2006, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates) and The Handbook of Organizational Identity (with M. Schultz, B. Ashforth, and D. Ravasi, 2016, Oxford University Press). Dr. Pratt was a recipient of the 2007 Best Paper Award for the Academy of Management Review (with Erik Dane).


  • 2016: Distinguished Scholar Award, Management and Organizational Cognition Division, Academy of Management
  • 2014: Induction as an Academy of Management fellow
  • 2010 - present Center for the Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis [CARMA] International Advisory Board
  • 1999 – 2013 Editorial Board of the Academy of Management Journal; 2001 – 2004 Editorial Advisory Committee
  • 2012 “Diamond in the Rough” Award for Best Faculty Proposal in the Cognition in the Rough Workshop, Managerial and Organizational Cognition Division of the Academy of Management
  • 2007 Academy of Management Review, Best Paper Award
  • 2007 Small Groups Research, Best Paper Award Finalist
  • 2000 Paper named to list of 17 most interesting publications in organizational and management literature from the past 100 years. Academy of Management Journal Editorial Board Survey
  •  “The Best Lecturer” Award, UIUC-University of Warsaw Executive MBA Program, University of Warsaw


Recent Articles

  • Lepisto, D. A., & Pratt, M. G. in-press. Meaningful work as realization and justification Toward a dual conceptualization. Organizational Psychology Review
  • Pratt, M.G. & Bonaccio, S. 2016. “Qualitative Research in I/O Psychology: Myths, Maps and Moving Forward.”  Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice, 94(4): 693-715.
  • Hekman, D., van Knippenberg, D. & Pratt, M.G. 2016. Channeling Identification: How Perceived Regulatory Focus Moderates the Influence of Organizational and Professional Identification on Professional Employees’ Diagnosis and Treatment Behaviors. Human Relations, 69(3): 753-780. 
  • Rothman, N., Pratt, M.G., Rees, L. & Vogus, T. 2017. Understanding the dual nature of ambivalence: Why and when ambivalence leads to good and bad outcomes. Academy of Management Annals, 11: 33-72.
  • Amabile, T.M. & Pratt, M.G. 2016. The dynamic componential model of creativity and innovation in organizations: Making progress, making meaning. In B. Staw & A. Brief (Eds.) Research in Organizational Behavior, 36: 157-183. 
  • Pratt, M.G. & Crosina, E. 2016. The Nonconscious at Work. Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior, 3: 321-347.
  • Pratt, M.G. 2016. Crafting and Selecting Research Questions and Contexts in Qualitative Research. In K. Elsbach & R. Kramer’s (Eds.) The Handbook of Qualitative Organizational Research (pp. 177-185). New York: Taylor & Francis/Routledge.
  • Vadera, A. & Pratt, M.G. 2016. “Is it me, or is it me?” The role of coactivated multiple identities and identifications in promoting or discouraging workplace crimes. In D. Palmer, K. Smith-Crowe & R. Greenwood (Eds). Organizational Wrongdoing: Key Perspectives and New Directions (pp. 337-369). Cambridge University Press.
  • Lepisto, D. A., Crosina, E., & Pratt, M. G. 2015. Identity Work Within and Beyond the Professions: Toward a Theoretical Integration and Extension. In A. Desilva and M. Aparicio (Eds.), International Handbook of Professional Identities (pp. 11-37). Rosemead, CA: Scientific & Academic Publishing. 
  • Rockmann, K. & Pratt, M.G. Contagious offsite work and the lonely office?: The Unintended Consequences of Distributed Work. Academy of Management Discoveries, 1: 150-164.
  • Pratt, M.G. 2015.  Assessing Candidate Quality: Lessons from Ethnography (and Accountants). Journal of Management Inquiry, 24(3): 340-344.
  • Elstak, M., van Riel, C., Bhatt, M., Pratt, M.G. & Berens, G., 2015. Organizational Identification during Change: The Role of Self-Enhancement and Uncertainty Reduction Motives, Journal of Management Studies, 51(1): 32-62
  • Michaelson, C., Pratt, M.G., Grant, A. & Dunn, C. P.  Meaningful Work: Connecting Business Ethics and Organizational Studies. Journal of Business Ethics, 12 1: 77-90. 2014.
  • Vough, H., Bednar, J., Cardador, T., Dane, E. & Pratt, M.G.  2013.  What Clients Don’t Get about my Profession:  A Model of Perceived Role-Based Image Discrepancies. Academy of Management Journal, 56(4): 1050-1080.
  • Pratt, M.G. 2013.  Intuitive Decision Making. In E. Kiesler (Ed), Encyclopedia of Management Theory, Volume 1 (pp. 401-404),  Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.
  • Vadera, A., Pratt, M.G., & Mishra, P.  2013. Constructive Deviance in Organizations: Integrating and Moving Forward. Journal of Management, 39(5): 1221-1276.
  • Pratt, M.G., Pradies, C. & Lepisto, D. 2013. Doing Well, Doing Good, and Doing With: Organizational Practices for Effectively Cultivating Meaningful Work. In B. Dik, Z. Byrne & M. Steger’s (Eds.) Purpose and Meaning in the Workplace (pp. 173-196), Washington, D.C., APA Books.
  • Vadera, A.K. & Pratt, M.G. 2013. Love, Hate, Ambivalence, or Indifference?: A Conceptual Examination of Workplace Crime and Organizational Identification. Organization Science, 24(1): 172-188.


  • Fiol, C.M., Pratt, M.G., & O’Connor, E.  2009. Managing Intractable Identity Conflicts. Academy of Management Review, 34 (1): 32-55.
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  • Pratt, M.G. & Rafaeli, A. 1997. Organizational Dress as a Symbol of Multilayered Social Identities. Academy of Management Journal, 40(4): 862 - 898.


  • Pratt, M. G., Shultz, M., Ashforth, B. & Ravasi, D. (Eds.) 2016. Oxford Handbook of Organizational Identity. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.
  • Rafaeli, A. & Pratt, M.G. (Eds.) 2006. Artifacts and Organizations: Beyond Mere Symbolism. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.


Pratt was the inaugural qualitative associate editor for the Academy of Management Journal and was a Nontraditional Research Editor at the Journal of Management Inquiry. He has also been a guest editor for Organizational Research Methods. He has been an active member of the Academy of Management. He is a former Division/Program/PDW Chair for the Managerial and Organizational Cognition Division, and former representative-at-large for the Research Methods Division, of the Academy of Management. He has also served on numerous committees including the Cummings Scholarly Achievement Award, the Organizational Behavioral Award, the Best Paper in the Academy of Management Review, and the Best Paper in the Academy of Management Journal. He has also been a judge for the INFORMS dissertation proposal competition.


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