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Carroll School of Management

Hristina Nikolova (previously Dzhogleva)

the diane harkins coughlin and christopher j. coughlin sesquicentennial
assistant professor marketing department

Hristina D. Nikolova

Fulton Hall 440
Curriculum Vitae


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Ph.D., Marketing, University of Pittsburgh
B.Sc., Finance and Marketing, Ramapo College of New Jersey



Dr. Nikolova’s research focuses on dyadic decision making, interpersonal relationships, consumers’ self-control, and interventions to promote healthy eating. Dr. Nikolova’s dissertation was the first work to examine how pairs of people make joint self-control decisions where they have to decide between instant gratification and bigger, long-term benefits (e.g., married couples deciding together whether to save their money for retirement or splurge with a luxurious vacation).



  • Diane Harkins Coughlin and Christopher J. Coughlin Sesquicentennial Assistant Professorship, October 2015 - Present
  • John A. Howard/AMA Doctoral Dissertation Award, 2014
  • AMA CBSIG Rising Star Award, 2014
  • The Inman Family Fund Award, University of Pittsburgh, 2014
  • AMA Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium Fellow, 2013
  • BNY Mellon Scholarship, Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership, University of Pittsburgh, 2013
  • AMS Mary Kay Dissertation Competition Honorable Mention, 2013
  • LINKS/MMA Outstanding Teacher-Scholar Doctoral Student Competition Finalist, 2013
  • UCSD Rady Field Experiments Conference, Invited Participant (only 50 participants), 2013
  • Katz Outstanding Doctoral Student Teaching Award, University of Pittsburgh, 2012, 2013
  • ACR/Sheth Foundation Dissertation Award Winner, 2012
  • Society for Marketing Advances Dissertation Proposal Runner-Up Award, 2012
  • Emerald/EFMD Outstanding Doctoral Research Highly Commended Award Winner, 2012



Inman, J. Jeffrey and Hristina Nikolova (2017), “Shopper-Facing Retail Technology: A Retailer Adoption Decision Framework Incorporating Shopper Attitudes and Privacy Concerns,” Forthcoming at the Journal of Retailing.

Nikolova, Hristina and Cait Lamberton (2016), “Men and the Middle: Gender Differences in Dyadic Compromise Effects,” Journal of Consumer Research, 43 (3), 355-371. Lead Article.

Nikolova, Hristina and Cait Lamberton (2016), “Men Choose Differently When They Choose with Other Men,” Harvard Business Review.

Nikolova, Hristina, Cait Lamberton, and Kelly L. Haws (2016), "Haunts or Helps from the Past: The Effect of Recall on Current Self-Control,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 26 (2), 245-256.

Dzhogleva Nikolova, Hristina and J. Jeffrey Inman (2015), “Healthy Choice: The Effect of Simplified POS Nutritional Information on Consumer Choice Behavior.” Journal of Marketing Research, 52 (6), 817-835.

Dzhogleva, Hristina and Cait Poynor Lamberton (2014), “Should Birds of a Feather Flock Together? Understanding Self-Control Decisions in Dyads,” Journal of Consumer Research, 41 (2), 361-380.

Dzhogleva Nikolova, Hristina, J. Jeffrey Inman, Jim Maurer, Andrew Greiner, and Gala Amoroso (2014), “The Shopper-Centric Retailer: Deriving Shopper Insights from Frequent Shopper Data,” Review of Marketing Research, 11, 75-102.