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Carroll School of Management

Minor in Management & Leadership

FAQ for Management and Leadership Minors


1.  How many courses are needed for the minor?

    a.  Two required courses and four electives*

2.  Can I take courses abroad toward the minor?    

    a.  You can take up to two courses, either required or elective, but they must be approved by the department chairperson. The courses should be similar to ones that would be taught by the Management and Organization Department, but electives do not necessarily need to be the same as those offered at BC.

3.  How do I apply?

    a.  You complete an online application (see link at the bottom) which is due on October 15 of each year.

4.  Can all students apply?

    a.  Only students who are sophomores and juniors at the time of the application deadline can apply.

5.  When will I know if I have been accepted into the minor?

    a.  You will receive notification by the end of October in the year you apply.

6.  Is a 3.5 GPA an absolute requirement?

    a.  You can apply with a lower GPA and explain any extenuating circumstances for your GPA, but we rarely if ever accept any students with a GPA lower than 3.5.

7.  How do you decide whom to accept into the minor?

    a.  We look at the students’ GPA, major, whether they have taken any MGMT courses and the grades they earned in those courses, and their reason for applying.

8.  How important is the essay?

    a.  The essay should provide a clear indication of why the student would benefit from completing the minor. We encourage students to be as specific as possible about the ways the minor will affect their future career plans.

9.  If I am rejected as a sophomore, can I reapply as a junior?

    a.  Yes

10.  Can I apply in my junior year if I didn’t apply as a sophomore.

    a.  Yes

11.  Which courses are required for the minor?

    a.  All students must take MGMT1021 Organizational Behavior and MGMT2127 Leadership. They also must take four electives from those labeled MGMT (e.g., MGMT2110, MGMT2111, MGMT2123, etc.)

12.  How do I get more information about the minor?            

    a.  You can visit the Management and Organization Office in Fulton 430.  You can also speak with the minor advisor, Professor Spinello. You can explore the web site about the minor.


*Required Courses:
MGMT1021 Organizational Behavior or MGMT1031 Organizational Behavior – Honors

MGMT2127 Leadership                                                               

Four Additional Electives (Any MGMT Course)