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Carroll School of Management

Sports Marketing

Sports Marketing is the practice of utilizing teams, venues, athletes, sports events, and sports media to separate a brand from its competitors. For decades, Sports Marketing had been perceived as brand-centric, with many marketers aiming to build brands solely through impressions. Recently, Sports Marketing has migrated to a consumer-centric model with the inclusion of integrated initiatives and programs that interact with the consumer beyond brand awareness. Sports Marketers understand how to use the assets of sports entities individually, or in combination, to drive consumers to purchase products and services of a particular brand over another.

Many current Sports Marketing Executives did not have access to formal sports marketing programs during their education.  Many began their careers as interns and learned their skills on the job, or they came from another industry with a similar skill set.  Only recently have more and more colleges added sports marketing programs, providing more specialized curriculum for those interested in this industry.  While there are more programs available in sports marketing now, no formalized certifications or accreditations are necessary to enter this filed.  Because of this, entry level positions in Sports Marketing pay poorly. Starting compensation ranges from $25,000 - $30,000 annually. However, Executive Sports Marketing positions for candidates with 5 or more years of experience can lead to mid to high six-figure salaries. Due to the nature of the business, there are no standard hours of operation and entry level Sports Marketers have the opportunity to take on responsibilities beyond their experience and to see growth through flexibility and dedication to their position. Sports Marketers that possess both a business sense and a knack for the creative excel in the industry.

Suggested Courses

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  • MKTG2153 Marketing Research
  • MKTG6610: Sports Marketing
  • MKTG3165 Strategic Brand Management