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Carroll School of Management

Services Marketing

Services Marketing is rapidly emerging as one of the most challenging and cutting-edge specializations in the marketing industry. The service sector has surpassed manufacturing in terms of overall contribution to GDP and is currently one of the nation’s largest potential for growth.  It is a unique branch of marketing that relates to the selling of intangible services as a core-product and catering to such industries as healthcare, financial services, hospitality, publishing, and construction.  Often referred to as selling the invisible, services marketing challenges a manager to generate a total product image in the mind of the consumer without the benefit of a physical product to support the message. Services Marketing Managers should be highly creative and must possess extraordinary interpersonal and presentation skills. They are frequently called upon to have a firm grasp on industry techniques, images and trends.  Students pursuing this area of study should prepare to find themselves in a fast-paced, highly energetic, amorphous and often ambiguous environment. With the constant proliferation of disruptive technology marketing mediums such as podcasts and Myspace, aspiring Services Marketing managers will be need to be highly adaptive and constantly reevaluate marketing best-practices.  Recent graduates typically enter the field as account executives, sales agents or marketing coordinators, depending on the industry. Current leading growth industries in the service sector include telecommunications, financial services, healthcare and new media.

Suggested Courses

  • MKTG3154 Communication and Promotion (Fall/Spring: 3)
  • MKTG3161 Customer Relationship Management (Spring: 3)
  • MKTG/ISYS3253 E-Commerce (Fall/Spring: 3)

Faculty Advisor

Kay Lemon

Kay Lemon
Professor and Chairperson
PhD, University of California-Berkeley