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Carroll School of Management

Advertising & Promotions

Advertising and Promotions lies at the heart of any marketing endeavor, and is the key tool through which a company communicates product and brand image information to it's customers. In recent years, marketing has shifted from a 'piecemeal' approach to advertising and promotion to a practice of 'Integrated Marketing Communications'. A well-designed IMC plan builds both short-term sales and long term brand equity, and ensures the company speaks with one voice and a consistent message to the target market. Indeed, an integrated marketing communications plan represents a marketer's greatest tool for developing and sustaining brand equity and identity.

Many advertising agencies have responded to this need for synergy and integration by consolidating numerous services from media planning services to interactive design boutiques under one roof. Many marketing research firms have responded by developing advanced techniques for measuring the psychological impact of advertising and promotional plans. And many companies have responded by reorganizing their product management around brand managers. These changes are also reflected in the amazing growth of advertising and promotional expenditures. From 1980 to 2005 advertising expenditures in the USA increased five-fold and sales promotion increased six-fold, while global advertising expenditures saw a similar six-fold growth in expenditures.

The advertising and promotion field is undergoing rapid change. Marketing dollars are shifting from broadcast media to sales promotion, targeted and interactive media are on the rise, retailers are gaining power over manufacturers, database marketing has become both accepted and integrated into overall marketing plans, and increasing demands for agency accountability have challenged traditional compensation methods. All of these changes have made it clear that in order to remain competitive, a company's marketing plan must be coordinated across multiple channels: advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, internet and interactive marketing, and personal selling.

Types of positions that are of interest to BC undergraduates entering into advertising and promotion:

  • Assistant Account Executive
  • Marketing Communications Manager
  • Assistant Media Planner
  • Advertising Sales Director
  • Assistant Brand Manager
  • Sales Promotion Manager


Suggested Courses

Faculty Advisor

S. Adam Brasel

S. Adam Brasel
Associate Professor
BA, MBA, University of Illinois
PhD, Stanford University