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Carroll School of Management

TechTrek Ghana

ISYS3215 Technology & Economic Development


Unfortunately Professor Gallaugher and Professor Bagnani will not be able to run TechTrek Ghana through at least 2018.  If there are faculty who would be interested in leading this experience, do feel free to reach out to both.  The course may reactivate in the future, although there are no firm plans to revive the course at this time.

ISYS3215 Technology & Economic Development (sometimes referred to as "TechTrek Ghana") is a competitively admitted, interdisciplinary course that combines classroom learning examining trends in technology in emerging markets with a week-long field study to Accra, Ghana. The class will study how technology is fostering growth and entrepreneurship in the developing world, as well as the challenges for those wishing to harness the promise of these advances. The classroom component will include lecture, seminar-style learning, and lectures from visiting experts, and is held the second half of the spring semester.  The field study is planned for the third week in May, following Spring exams.  The course is open as an elective to all Boston College undergraduate students, and should have broad appeal to students studying technology, as well as those students interested in international business, economics, and global development.

TechTrek Ghana Information

For application information, questions about the program, and questions regarding the process, please contact the Information Systems Dept. Admin in Fulton 460: Ben Horton

The lead faculty for TechTrek are: Prof. John Gallaugher and Prof. Betty Bagnani

TechTrek Ghana in the News

Check out this article,  from by the Boston College Magazine, featuring the 2013 TechTrek Ghana class: Out of Africa


Please use the following link if you are interested in more information about TechTrek Ghana. Users will need their BC username and password to access this site: TechTrek Ghana 2016 Information