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Carroll School of Management

Independent/Directed Study


Pre-requisites: Corporate Finance (MFIN1127), Investments (MFIN1151) and senior status. 


  1. The student must be of senior status with a finance concentration and completed the above noted pre-requisites;
  2. The student must demonstrate both an extremely strong interest in a particular area of finance and a a strong self-motivation and self-discipline in previous studies;
  3. The topic and area of research may not overlap with any undergraduate finance elective offering;
  4. The request to undertake an Independent Study may not be associated with an existing internship program;
  5. No less than a five-page abstract that details the area of research, hypotheses, and methodology to be employed must be presented to the full-time professor for his/her consideration, prior to his or her approval to supervise the project, along with the Independent Study Approval Form.
  6. A full-time faculty member has agreed to direct and supervise your course of study;
  7. The finance department chairman, Ronnie Sadka, has approved the request for an Independent Study.



  1. Carroll School faculty will only oversee Directed Studies for Carroll School students.
  2. Directed Study projects should typically be sponsored by full-time faculty. Any exceptions to the above policy should be made by the academic department chair.
  3. Directed Studies are voluntary for both faculty and student.
  4. Directed Studies require a written proposal of study prepared by the student along with the Directed Study Approval Form. The proposals will be presented to the department chair or program academic advisor and require his/her written approval.
  5. The maximum number of credits from all Directed Studies cannot exceed six (6) credits for any given student.
  6. Students are not eligible for Directed Studies in their first semester.
  7. Directed Studies will count as an elective and cannot replace a core course.
  8. Students may not register independently for Directed Studies but will be registered by the Academic Department or Graduate Programs Office.