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Alumni News

November 2017

Karen Lynch


Fortune and Modern Healthcare ranked Aetna president Karen Lynch ’84 in their roundups of the “50 Most Powerful Women” and the “Top 25 Women in Healthcare,” respectively. But “I didn’t get here by myself,” Lynch says in an interview with the Furst Group, citing the aunt who raised her in trying circumstances.

June 2017

Poets & Quants


“They challenged conventions, overcame odds, and built communities,” Poets & Quants says of the 100 students who made its list of “The Best and Brightest Business Majors—Class of 2017.” And two of the graduates did all that at the Carroll School of Management.

Katie Philippi


“They are the all-in difference makers, curious and galvanizing go-getters, eager to give back to others—refusing to fit into any stereotype of the young professionals who pursue a graduate degree in business,” Poets & Quants says of those who made its list of “The Best and Brightest MBAs—Class of 2017.” And among the selected is Katie Philippi, M.B.A. ’17.

December 2016



Some might say that Chris O'Donnell ’92 hasn’t done all that much with his marketing degree from Boston College. But returning to his alma mater this fall, the NCIS: Los Angeles and Grey’s Anatomy star showed a skill at marketing the values inculcated by a Jesuit education.


Photo of Ferit Sahenk '89

A View From The Top

Ferit Şahenk ’89 sits atop one of the three largest conglomerates in Turkey. So what made him recently dig out his old undergraduate textbooks and start rereading them, one by one? He spoke of that and other lessons over lunch with two dozen undergraduates as a part of the “Lunch with an Entrepreneur" series sponsored by the Carroll School’s Edmund H. Shea Jr. Center for Entrepreneurship.

Photo of John Maher, M.B.A. ’08


Where do people with such diverse majors as theology, finance, and international studies wind up? If you were in Devlin Hall on a Thursday evening in October, you’d think it was real estate—judging from the Boston College alumni who populated two panel discussions at a real estate careers forum.


November 2016

Photo of John Maher, M.B.A. ’08


Ralph Cacciapaglia, M.B.A. ’15, was among those featured in a published profile of veterans who have made a quick and solid transition from the military to civilian life. Here, the former U.S. Army Ranger and Purple Heart recipient speaks of success after service.


Photo of John Maher, M.B.A. ’08

a 7th inning stretch for real estate?

John Maher, M.B.A. ’08 and U.S. mortgage director at Sun Life Financial, took his place among a raft of Boston College alumni who gave pointed advice to undergraduate students at a forum last month titled “Launching Your Real Estate Career.” The event began with an assessment that the current real estate cycle is in its “6th or 7th inning.”


September 2016

Photo of Abusalam Omer '77

carroll school alum is the fixer

“Each morning, Omer climbs into a bulletproof SUV for the drive to his office, surrounded by young, armed men in green uniforms.” That's the word on Abdusalam Omer ’77, who was instrumental in helping to turn around failed schools in the District of Columbia. Now he’s taking on a much bigger repair job—as foreign minister of a failed state, Somalia.


Photo of Michele Ayoub '86

Exercising Muscles—and Social Conscience

Six years ago, Michele McCallion Ayoub ’86 began looking around for a workout routine she could enjoy while staying in shape.  She found what she was looking for—and much more.



Photo of Phil Dumontet '09

“the window cleaner”

There are a number of reasons why Chris Rall ’09 went into the cleaning business—apparently none of which is that he likes to clean.



June 2016

Photo of Phil Dumontet '09

flying the flag in bogotÁ

The maroon-and-gold BC flag covering the front door suggested this wasn’t going to be a typical business meeting. The location, too, was unusual for a class of Carroll School students—connecting with alumni in Bogotá, Colombia.


Nick Scandalios '87

from the heights to hamilton

Students attending the annual Boston College Arts Festival were treated to the warmth and wit of an illustrious Carroll School alumnus—Nick Scandalios ’87, a Broadway executive who has helped bring to the stage such blockbusters as Hamilton, The Lion King, and Wicked.

Marvin Chow '95

not by data alone

Returning to the Heights, Marvin Chow ’95—Google’s marketing chief—praised Big Data. But he also buried the notion that data alone can give people what they really need.


March 2016

Photo of Phil Dumontet '09

dashing into the forbes “30 under 30”

Forbes magazine recently unveiled its annual “30 under 30” list of America’s most important young entrepreneurs, and 28-year-old Carroll School alum Phil Dumontet ’09 made the cut.



Photo of Brian Harrington '89

an eagle returns

Brian Harrington ’89 becomes the first Entrepreneur in Residence of the Edmund H. Shea Jr. Center for Entrepreneurship at the Carroll School.



Photo of Christina Bechhold '07

a “woman of influence”

Sighted in the New York Business Journal recently was an interview with Christina Bechhold ’07, co-founder and managing director of Empire Angels in New York, a venture capital firm that specializes in tech startups launched by millennials.