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Woods College of Advancing Studies

Fine Arts

FALL 2017

ADFA 126501  History of American Architecture
ASFA126501 Syllabus
Introductory course investigates American Architecture from the first European settlement to the present. Within the context of cultural, political and technological change, students investigate the process whereby society leaves its legacy to posterity through its buildings. Attention focuses on the influence of such factors as tradition, environment, stylistic change, the inventiveness of individual architects, and the impact of technology.
Tues 6:15–9:15, Aug 29–Dec 12, John McConnell

ADFA 180001  Introduction to Theatre
ADFA180001 Syllabus
This course examines the form and meaning of theatre in civilizations from the ancient Greeks to modern times and is designed to expose the student to the live performance experience through the study of various elements of theatre and performance, the history of theatre, and dramatic literature. Attention is paid to the relationship between live performance and other mediatized forms, like film and television, with which the student likely will already be familiar. Students will be required to read and analyze various plays and films of plays, to view two live productions, take walking tour of Boston College theatre spaces, and to explore the process of theatrical production.
Mon 6:15–9:15, Aug 28–Dec 11, Anne Pluto

ADFA 300301  Ways of Seeing Iran and the Arab World
ADFA300301 Syllabus
This course will familiarize the student with various Ways of Seeing Iran and the Arab World.*  Highly interactive, the class is purposely expansive in its approach and based on Iranian contemporary art, contemporary art from the Arab world, and contemporary Western/Eastern views of Iran and the Arab world. Heavily based on images, we will touch on topics such as "Ways of Seeing" , the Iranian Revolution(s), the Arab Spring, women, wars, destruction and looting, refugees, immigration, exile, Islamic art, travelers' views, climate change, and the marginalized in order to expose you to different ways of seeing Iran and the Arab world. A primary focus of this class concerns the roles of seeing and perception, and as we explore each one of these topics, we will pay attention to our assumptions, what surprised us, the feelings generated, if there is any need to contribute to the topic and if any questions are raised that remain unanswered.**
*"Ways of Seeing" is a 1972 television series created by John Berger and produced by Mike Dibb for BBC and, later adapted into a book. In this series, John Berger, in his words, "questions some of the assumptions made about the tradition of European paintings" and, to do so, he concentrates on how we see those paintings.
**These inquiries are adapted from the exercise "sensing journey" found on and in C. Otto Scharmer, (2009) "Theory U: Learning from the Future as it Emerges." Berrett- Koehler: San Francisco. Chapter 21.
Wed 6:15–9:15, Aug 30–Dec 13, Artemis Akchoti