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Woods College of Advancing Studies



ADBI 1123  Nutrition for Life
ADBI112301 Syllabus - LECTURE
ADBI112302 Syllabus - HYBRID
Course acquaints the nonspecialist with the basic scientific principals of nutrition and energy metabolism. Includes an examination of the six nutrient groups (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water) and their impact on health, disease prevention, and growth and development. Explores current dietary recommendations, nutrition for athletes, dietary supplement use, weight management, and other current hot topics in nutrition. Students assess their own nutrient intakes and compare them to national standards. Material designed for practical use.
ADBI112301 Tues 6:15–9:15, Jan 16–May 8, Sheila Tucker
ADBI112302 Wed 6:15–9:15, Jan 17–May 9, Sheila Tucker

This is a hybrid section, which combines some in-person and some online class meetings. Refer to the course syllabus on the Woods College website or on the course Canvas page for more detailed information.

ADBI 201001  Eating and the Environment
ADBI201001 Syllabus
There is no bigger impact on Earth than agriculture. And food consumption has the single largest impact on our health. Eating and the Environment focuses on themes of industrialized and sustainable agriculture, including: soil resources and pollution; water and air pollution; pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers; the farm bill; tropical deforestation; food additives and nutritional supplements; food safety and emerging infectious diseases; meat and dairy sustainability ramifications; GMOs; and climate change. We will have a series of pro/con debates in the class, where students will investigate both sides of a topic and formulate a concrete opinion based on scientific facts and reasoning.
Tues, 6:15–9:15, Jan 16–May 8, Jennifer Cole
FULLY ONLINE COURSE - Synchronous AND Asynchronous - Day and time are specific; students must ALSO participate online per all communications and instructions from the professor, must adhere to course schedule, and submit all course work on time.

ADGE 250501  Wetlands
ADGE250501 Syllabus
This course is intended for students interested in wetland environments. You will learn classification systems, origins, and natural processes of wetland environments. We will discuss wetlands across the globe, including boreal, temperate, and tropical climates. We investigate hydrology, soils, and vegetation and their relationship to ecosystem processes, societal values, and management. We examine human use, modification, exploitation, jurisdictional delineation, and management options, along with legal and political aspects of wetlands. This is a broad course, also encompassing forestry, coastal management, energy, climate change, agriculture, history, and ecosystem succession.
ONLINE 6:15–9:15, Jennifer Cole
FULLY ONLINE COURSE - Asynchronous. No days or times are specified; students must participate weekly per all communications and instructions from the professor, must adhere to course schedule, and submit all course work on time.

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