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Introduction by Ernesto Livon-Grosman


XUL: Variations on the Name of a Magazine by Jorge Santiago Perednik


Martín Fierro by José Hernández

Scarecrow by Oliverio Girondo

Poem by Xul Solar

The Most Amusing Song of the Devil by Osvaldo LamborghinI


Four Poems by Leonardo Scolnick

(Like a madwoman sewing. . .) by Laura Klein

Hardnesses by Laura Klein

(Of collateral all . . .) by Laura Klein

(By the Same Pencilstroke. . .) by Laura Klein

Tuyú by Néstor Perlongher

(degradée) by Néstor Perlongher

Mme. Schoklender by Néstor Perlongher

79 by Nahuel Santana

H by Nahuel Santana

Miss Murkiness (fragments) by Emeterio Cerro

“a crack” by Roberto Ferro

“I think of a pine tree. . .” by Roberto Ferro

Eurydice Has Gone To The Agora And Is Wearing A White Headdress by Roberto Ferro

Hipster’s mask by Susana Chevasco

Baby, you pose no more by Susana Chevasco

Shock of the Lenders (Main Fragments) by Jorge Santiago Perednik

Sophia (excerpt) by Luis Thonis

Pedrestian by Gustavo Röessler

Still Life by Gustavo Röessler

“Secret. . .” by Arturo Carrera

The father by Arturo Carrera

“I observe the smallest. . .” by Arturo Carrera

Patrimonies 1981 by Susana Cerdá

Ifuelofnoforceps 1 by Jorge Lépore

Ifuelofnoforceps 2 by Jorge Lépore

Ifuelofnoforceps 3 by Jorge Lépore

Dis / Coveries by Susana Poujol

“A mate, Pacheco” by Susana Pujol

Reunion by Hugo Savino

De Usura by Reinaldo Laddaga

Poem by Fabio Doctorovich

Dialogue Between Two Society Women by Roberto Cignoni

Dawnin’ by Carlos Estévez

Eve and the Ministers by Andrea Gagliardi

Psyche by Andrea Gagliardi

Poem to eros by Andrea Gagliardi

Optical Ashes by Raúl García

The Golfer’s Discourse by Ernesto Livon Grosman


Issue #4

Issue #6 - Were So Many Lobotomies Necessary In Order To Quell So Little Flabby

Issue #7 - Poetic Campaign to the Desert–Critique–of the Disabled Commuter Buses

Issue #9 - Editorial: Letter to the President

Issue #10

List of Contributors Published by XUL

A Brief Note About the Translations

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