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Research at Boston College

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

research at boston college

Undergraduates are encouraged to gain research experience at Boston College.


The first resource for students is their faculty. By talking to other students in your department, as well as to your faculty, you will learn about ongoing research projects and about the current interests of your faculty members. When you find a topic of interest to you, make an appointment with the faculty member to discuss your interest and explore ways that you might get involved.

Undergraduate Research Fellows Program

There may be opportunities to be paid for the research work you do. The Undergraduate Research Fellows Program provides a grant to pay for a student's research assistance for a faculty member's research project. It is considered student employment and the student may work up to 20 hours a week during the academic semester, up to 40 hours a week during semester breaks or the summer, depending on faculty need and student availability.

Other Employment Opportunities

Another way to gain experience doing research is to search the Boston College Human Resources job opportunity page. Search under the Professional and Administrative categories as well as the Office and Clerical categories for full- or part-time opportunities. You may also want to search the Student Employment page for opportunities to work on funded research projects.

Elements – Boston College's Undergraduate Research Journal

The Elements journal was founded in September 2004 by a group of twenty undergraduate students. The journal published its first issue in May of 2005, featuring research articles written by BC undergraduates along with shorter special features. The goal of the publication is to become a forum for the exchange of original ideas within and across disciplines at the university. By fostering intellectual curiosity and discussion, the journal will strengthen and affirm the community of undergraduate students and the greater academic community at Boston College.