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Research at Boston College

Graduate Student Research Opportunities

research  at boston college

Graduate students are encouraged to get involved in research as part of their training at Boston College.


The first resource for students is their faculty. By talking to other students in your department, as well as to your faculty, you will learn about ongoing research projects and about the current interests of your faculty members. When you find a topic of interest to you, make an appointment with the faculty member to discuss your interest and to explore ways that you might get involved.

BC Employment

Another way to gain experience doing research is to search the Boston College Human Resources job opportunity page. Search under the Professional and Administrative categories as well as the Office and Clerical categories for full- or part-time opportunities. You may also want to search the Student Employment page for opportunities to work on funded research projects.

Funding Opportunities

There are a number of external grants that graduate students may apply for, including Graduate Fellowships. Please also see SPIN for a searchable database of funding opportunities (including fellowships).

Students developing dissertations may find the following sources helpful in defraying the costs associated with this research: Dissertation Funding Opportunities.

Graduate Statistical Assistant Program

Boston College maintains a Graduate Statistical Assistant Program, administered by the Moderators of the Faculty Microcomputer Resource Center. The Graduate Statistical Assistant Program brings to faculty and advanced graduate students the following:

  • familiarity with statistical packages, conversion utilities, and database access
  • advice on alternative software that might be used for a specific analysis
  • resolution of programming problems
  • a cumulative collection of Web-based documentation to assist users with packages, databases, and Web-centric resources.

The Graduate Statistical Assistant position is open to doctoral students in departments and schools of the University whose faculty make use of statistical computing in their research and doctoral training. Information about the position may be found here.

The Faculty Microcomputer Resource Center also maintains a database of research methods courses that are taught at Boston College.