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Research at Boston College

Export Controls

Boston College is committed to maintaining an open academic environment, protecting the academic freedom of its faculty and students, and encouraging the dissemination of information resulting from research and other activities.  At the same time, some of our activities may be subject to Federal regulations and policies that govern the export of certain items and information.

It is the policy of Boston College to comply with all applicable statutes, executive orders, regulations, and contractual requirements covering the export of commodities, technology, and information to foreign entities and persons.

Federal export control laws and regulations apply to the physical export of controlled equipment, data,  and materials to foreign countries, the disclosure of controlled information to foreign entities and persons, and access to controlled equipment and technology by foreign persons visiting the university. These are very complicated laws and regulations and they are not restricted to research or sponsored programs. They address all activity involving exports.

Fortunately, most university activities are covered by exceptions to and exclusions from the regulations, but one must not assume that one’s activities are exempt. There are both civil and criminal penalties for noncompliance for those found to have violated applicable laws and regulations; therefore great care must be taken to ensure that compliance with all applicable regulations.

In the links listed on the right side of this page, one will find information on the regulations and guidance how they may apply to one’s activities. The Office for Research Compliance and the Office for Sponsored Programs are coordinating their activities to ensure that a high level of support is available to members of the university community.


Stephen Erickson
Office for Research Compliance
phone: 617-552-3345
fax: 617-552-2970


Export Control Policy: Please review this policy for guidance on complying with export control laws and regulations.

Export Control Roles and Responsibilities document is designed to help everyone in determining who is responsible for the various tasks required to maintain an effective Export Control program.

Export Control Checklist should be filled out and submitted to the Office for Sponsored Programs when submitting sponsored project proposals. This checklist will be important in identifying which proposals need attention with regard to export control compliance.

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