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Interactions and Transactions

Best Practices for Connecting

  1. External groups should contact OTTL (see About Us) for an introductory discussion to understand specific interests, needs and goals
  2. OTTL connects external groups with researchers
  3. OTTL determines agreement arrangements on behalf of Boston College

Available Corporate Partnerships and Business Opportunities

  1. exclusive and non-exclusive licenses
  2. collaboration agreements
  3. sponsored research
  4. start-up creation
  5. consulting agreements
  6. mentoring agreements 

Resources Available

  1. Technologies Available for Licensing and Collaboration (see Available Technologies)
    1. Range from conception of the idea to prototypes to animal proof of concept innovation stage of development available
  2. Research Collaborations (see Faculty Experts)
  3. Research Equipment (see Facilities)

Typical License Terms

  1. Boston College license agreement terms follow the customary and reasonable industry standards and include the following provisions:
    1. Up-front, milestone and/or on-going royalty payments for the institution to share in the financial return from our investment
    2. Coverage of costs related to obtaining and maintaining patents
    3. Licensee diligence requirements to ensure that the intellectual property is optimally utilized for the benefit of society
    4. Reservation of the unrestricted right for investigators at Boston College to continue to use the inventions for research
    5. Indemnification provisions to protect Boston College from product liability and other claims arising from the commercialization of the technology
    6. If US Federal funding was used to develop an invention, the US government has certain rights to that invention, under the Bayh-Dole Act (see sidebar for further information)

  2. Some terms of exclusivity are negotiable including:
    1. geographic territory
    2. field of use or indication