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Industry and Entrepreneurs

Interested in connecting with an expert in a particular field?

Searching for licensable technologies to enhance your company’s products or services?

Potential commercial and collaborative partners are invited to review Boston College’s list of over 25 inventions currently available for licensing and related relationships:

On behalf of Boston College, the Office for Technology Transfer and Licensing (OTTL) can help connect interested parties with the innovations produced at a university that boasts:

  1. $59.2 million Research Budget
    1. 75 active technology cases
    2. 115 active patent applications
    3. 40 issued patents
    4. 285 active agreements

  2. Unique Facilities
    1. Mass Spectrometry Center
    2. Integrated Sciences Clean Room and Nanofabrication Facility
    3. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Center
    4. X-ray Crystallography Center
    5. Animal Care Facility

  3. Faculty Experts
    1. Nanotechnology
    2. Green Chemistry
    3. Alternative Energy
    4. Cancer Biology
    5. Materials Science
    6. Medical Devices
    7. Molecular Biology