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While most interactions researchers have with individuals, companies or other research institutions are informal, there are times when a more formal contract should be put in place prior to sharing information or materials.  Additionally, you may be approached to sign a contract to perform certain services for a third party which fall outside your usual work for the university (consulting).  The Agreement area of the Faculty and Staff section provides a background description on the main types of agreements that most often arises between a university and/or faculty member and an external entity:


  1. Confidential Disclosure Agreementimage
    1. Protection of confidential information

  2. Material Transfer Agreement
    1. Protection of tangible research property

  3. Consulting Agreement
    1. Contract to perform a service

  4. License Agreements
    1. Contract that defines use rights
      • Sponsored Research Agreement
      • Option to License
      • License Agreement

Further information on how to protect and market intellectual property at Boston College prior to executing license agreements is found throughout the rest of the Faculty and Staff section by topic (see Invention Reporting and Marketing).