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Research at Boston College

Boston College Institutional Profile

office for sponsored programs

The information provided in this institutional overview responds to many of the most frequently asked questions faculty and staff ask as they prepare proposals for sponsored funding. Not every application requires all the information provided below. This information will be updated on at least an annual basis in order to reflect changes as they may occur.

What is the University's Legal Name?
Trustees of Boston College

Who has the Authority to Sign Applications and Proposals?
Office for Sponsored Programs

Who has the Authority to Accept/Execute Grants and Contracts for Sponsored Programs?
All sponsored project awards must be routed through the Office for Sponsored Programs for review prior to requesting signature on behalf of the University.

Office for Sponsored Programs


John Burke
Financial Vice President and Treasurer
Boston College, 129 Lake Street

What is BC's Official Address?
Office for Sponsored Programs
Boston College
140 Commonwealth Avenue
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

Office for Sponsored Programs:
31 Lawrence Avenue
Phone: (617) 552-3344
Fax: (617) 552-0747

What is BC's Political Subdivision?
Boston College is located in Middlesex County
Massachusetts 4th Congressional District.


Government Officials:


U.S. Senator
The Honorable Elizabeth Warren (D)
The Honorable Edward Markey (D)

U.S. House of Representatives
Joseph Kennedy III


Representative Ruth B. Balser

Senator Cynthia Stone Creem

What are the Costs Associated with a Grant at BC?

Boston College Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Cost Rates (aka “indirect cost rates”):
Federal Facilities and Administrative Cost Agreement with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) dated: Dec. 16, 2015.

Effective Dates
Applicable To
6/1/14-until amended 56.5% MTDC On-campus Research
6/1/14-until amended 26.0% MTDC Off-Campus All
6/1/14-until amended 35.0% MTDC On-campus OSA

* Modified Total Direct Costs (MTDC, consist of all salaries and wages, fringe benefits, materials, supplies (except office supplies), services, travel and subagreements up to the first $25,000 of each subagreement (regardless of the period covered by the subagreement). MTDC excludes equipment, capital expenditures, patient care costs, tuition remission, rental costs of off-site facilities, scholarships, fellowships, and the cost of each subagreement in excess of $25,000.

Determining Off-Campus F&A Rate Usage:
In an effort to provide clarification on the usage of the off campus F&A rate, we have provided the following guidelines.
·         Rate usage is determined by where the preponderance of budgeted personnel effort will occur over the entire period of the project.  If more than 50% of the effort is performed on campus, the on campus rate will apply.
·         The off campus rate does not apply to field research.  (If you are in the field collecting data and the analysis of said data takes place at BC, the off campus rate would not apply.)
·         If the research effort is performed at locations not owned or leased by BC, then the off campus rate would apply.

Grants will not be subject to more than one rate.

Boston College Fringe Benefits Rates:

Effective Dates
Applicable To
6/1/16-5/31/18 43.8% All Non-Professional
6/1/16-5/31/18 27.9% All Professional
6/1/15–5/31/18 7.65% All Part-Time
6/1/15-5/31/16 43.5% All Non-Professional
6/1/15-5/31/16 27.8 All

The Numbers:

BC Federal Employer Identification Number:  042103545
EIN for NIH use only:  1042103545A1

BC DUNS Number:  045896339
This is the ONLY DUNS number that should be used.

BC Institutional Animal Welfare Number Assurance Identification: D16-00521

BC Human Subjects Federalwide Assurance Number: FWA00001461

BC Certification On Misconduct in Science: March, 1998

Approximate Number of Employees at BC: 2,500

Approximate Number of Students at BC: 14,640 Total
9,724 undergraduates
4,916 graduate students

BC Full-Time Faculty: 996