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Research at Boston College

OSP Briefs and Trainings

BC Research Information & Education Forum (BRIEF)


OSP BRIEFs provide a relaxed environment for BC Research Administrators

  • to discuss issues faced in sponsored projects administration
  • provide opportunities for sharing creative solutions
MAY 2018 NCURA Webinar: Award Management  
APR 2018 Effort and  Effort Reporting  
FEB 2018 Sponsored Programs Roles & Responsibilities Discussion  
DEC 2017 NSF PAPPG Webinar and it's handouts  
Data Management, Elements of a “Typical” Data Management Plan (DMP) Handout  
Subawards from Proposal to Closeout  
Subaward Single Audit Reports, Related Audit Findings and Sub invoices  
MAY 2017 OSP Brief Roles & Responsibilities, Roles Responsibilities Matrix
OSP-Multiple Sponsored Projects Topics  
"Clear And Authentic Communication With Principal Investigators"  
FEB 2017 Grant/Sponsor Related Systems  
FEB 2017 OSP-Grant Related Queries (PeopleSoft)  
NOV 2016 BC Procurement Services Slides  
OCT 2016 FLSA FAQs, Benefits Differences/Part-Time Exempt, Non-Exempt Posn. Impact of New FLSA OT Rule  
SEP 2016 Data Management and Data Management Plans  
The Hiring & Merit Process (International Visa Matters included)  
Office for Technology Transfer and Licensing (OTTL) Invention Disclosure Guidelines  
JAN 2016 COI
DEC 2015 Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)
Jiin-Yu Chen, Assistant Director, Research Compliance Education, Office of the Vice Provost for Research
NOV 2015 NIH Center for Scientific Review (CSR) Webinar - A webinar designed to give participants useful insights into NIH application submission and peer review processes.  CSR is the portal for NIH grant applications and their review for scientific and technical merit.
Steve Erickson, Director of the Office of Research, Integrity & Compliance and Carolyn O'Connor, Associate Director of Research Protections in a facilitated session on protection of humans and animals on sponsored projects.  Animal Research: A PrimerHuman Research Participant Protection.  
SEP 2015 OSP's Contract Negotiation Process & How the Award Notice translates to the PAN (Project Action Notification)  
MAY 2015 Proposal Transmittal Checkboxes, Compliance Issues & A-133 Audit  
APR 2015 PI Transfer In/Out (Hello & Goodbye), HR Changes, and Record Retention  
MAR 2015 Export Control 101Export Control Proposal Checklist,
Export Controls Roles-Responsibilities
FEB 2015 Uniform Guidance Training  
NOV 2014 Purchasing on Sponsored Projects and Uniform Guidance Preview  
SEP 2014 Overview/Updates FY15 (pre-award & post-award)  
MAY 2014 PeopleSoft Update, Summer Salary, Buy-outs, Account Code Reminder,
E-Verify, Time & Effort Reporting, OMB A-133 Audit, Taking Stock
APR 2014 The Award is in, now what?  
FEB 2014

P-Card Processing & Review

National Science Foundation Proposal and Policy Guide-February 2014

JAN 2014 Expense Reports and Vouchers
NOV 2013 Supporting documentation..What you need when..  
MAR 2013

Adding A Subaward To An Awarded Project

CarryForward Requests

Changes In Scope

OSP Roles and Responsibilities

Pre-Award Costs Handout

Rebudgeting Process

Research Terms and Conditions Prior Approval and Other Requirements Matrix

Supplemental Funding

FEB 2013

Tuition Remission Checklist

Tuition Remission Presentation with Screen Shots

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