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Research at Boston College

Office for Sponsored Programs (OSP)

Research Administration

  • OSP provides service to members of the Boston College community involved in the application for and administration of sponsored projects
  • Supports the University's goal to increase the level of sponsored project funding
  • Protects the University's interest in complying with the sponsored project requirements to which Boston College and sponsors may agree.

OSP Staff

Operate as an integral part of the BC academic and business communities.

Support the ethics and integrity of OSP and BC at all times and in all work-related matters.

Promote respect and support for our BC colleagues and each other at all times, in all communications, and in all matters.

Useful Tools:
BC Sponsored Programs Pathway - A visual guide from proposal to award closeout:

Boston College's Policies and Procedures for conducting research is available here.

Boston College Institutional Profile
contains useful information and numbers you'll need to know to fill out your forms.

FORMS contain OSP Forms and links to IRB and OTTL forms.

DMP Tool - Boston College Libraries DMP Tool

ORCID at BC - Submit an ORCID ID with your grant application, ensuring that your work will be properly attributed.


Campus Location31 Lawrence Avenue

Mailing Address:
Office for Sponsored Programs
Boston College
140 Commonwealth Avenue
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467-3800
Phone: (617) 552-3344

Federal Facilities and Administrative Cost Agreement with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) dated: March 8, 2018.

F&A Cost Rate

Effective Dates

Rate Location Applicable To
6/1/17 -5/31/22 56.5% MTDC On-Campus Research
6/1/17 -5/31/22 26.0% MTDC Off-Campus All
6/1/17 -5/31/22 35.0% MTDC On-Campus OSA

Please continue to use these F&A rates until they have been amended by DHHS.

Fringe Benefits

Effective Dates

Rate Location Applicable
6/1/18 -5/31/19 27.4% All Professional
6/1/18 -5/31/19 44.4% All Non-Professional
6/1/18 -5/31/19 7.65% All Part-Time
6/1/19 -5/31/21 28.4% All Professional
6/1/19 -5/31/21 45.3% All Non-Professional
6/1/19 -5/31/21 7.65% All Part-Time

Federal Regulations: Information on Uniform Guidance and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circulars.

General Guidance on Sponsored Projects Administration: Guidelines to administering your sponsored projects.

This page links to PDF files. Use this link to download Adobe Reader if needed.