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Research at Boston College

Research Integrity and Misconduct

It is critical to be proactive in the promotion of the ethical conduct of research. It is not enough to maintain a current Assurance with the federal government and to have a policy and set of procedures on the investigation of research misconduct. While they would keep the university in compliance with current federal requirements, it is more important to create a positive environment in which inappropriate research practices do not occur in the first place.

An important part of this effort is providing informational resources and educational programs that raise awareness within the university community. Working within the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) program, educational sessions have been and will continue to be presented. In addition, special sessions will be designed to meet your particular needs upon request.

We invite you to read the university’s policy on Ethical Conduct of Research and Research Misconduct. That policy sets standards for the ethical conduct of research and describes what needs to happen in cases in which an allegation of research misconduct is made against a BC researcher. The policy applies to all members of the Boston College research community, including faculty members, students, post-doctoral fellows and research staff, working on research projects in any discipline.

The Office for Research Compliance and Intellectual Property Management would be glad to work with you in creating an education session on research integrity and research misconduct. Please contact Dr. Stephen Erickson if you would be interested in arranging a session.

The following are some additional useful links pertinent to the ethical conduct of research and research misconduct.

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