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Research at Boston College

Boston College Research Compliance Committees and Offices

An effective research compliance program has well-defined roles and responsibilities among its various participant committees and offices. This serves to clarify accountability and facilitates the university’s ability to maintain effective compliance with pertinent regulatory and policy requirements. It also serves to facilitate researcher’s access to the services, advice, and assistance afforded by compliance committees and offices.

Office for Research Integrity and Compliance

In addition to the educational, resources, and oversight responsibilities highlighted on the Research Compliance homepage, ORIC also submits the universities annual Report of Research Misconduct to the National Institutes of Health, the Biosafety Report to the National Institutes of Health, and the report on select agents to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as all required reports and licenses for inventions and patents to federal agencies.

Director: Stephen Erickson

Vice Provost for Research, Thomas Chiles

The Vice Provost for Research is the Institutional Official for many compliance functions (e.g., human participant research, animal research, managing allegations of research misconduct). As the Institutional Official the VPR signs assurances and reports to federal agencies.

Boston College Institutional Review Board

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews and gives institutional approval for the use of human participants in research projects. The IRB’s primary mission is to protect the participants involved in research projects. It accomplishes this by ensuring that research projects are conducted in accordance with applicable regulations and high ethical standards.

Key Contacts:
Stephen Erickson, Director, Office for Research Protections
Carolyn O'Connor, Assistant Director, Office for Research Protections

Vincent Lynch, Chair, Institutional Review Board

Office for Research Protections

ORP administrates the human research protection program, the animal protection program, and provides administrative direction for the Animal Resource Center.   ORP is responsible for managing human research protocols and all animal care and use in accordance with federal regulations and the university’s Federal wide Assurances.  ORP professional staff include administrators, animal facility personnel, and clinical veterinary expertise.  ORP may be contacted for advice on animal or human research requirements. 

Director: Stephen Erickson

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

The IACUC reviews and gives institutional approval for the use of animals in research projects. It oversees the animal research program and the use of the Animal Resource Center. The IACUC serves to ensure that research involving animals is done in accordance with applicable regulations and high ethical standards.

Key Contacts:
Stephen Erickson, Director, Office for Research Protections and Animal Resource Center

To submit materials to the IACUC or ask questions, submit email to

Biosafety Committee

The Biosafety Committee reviews and approves potentially biohazardous lines of research. It provides oversight of nearly all forms of research utilizing recombinant DNA. The Biosafety Committee also reviews and approves a variety of experimentation that involves biological materials (e.g., infectious agents) and other potentially hazardous agents (e.g., carcinogens).

Key Contacts:
Junona Moroianu, Chair, Biosafety Committee
Gail Hall, Director, Office of Environmental Health and Safety

Conflict of Interest Committee

The Conflict of Interest Committee reviews and manages positive disclosures of real or potential conflicts of interest or commitment under sponsored projects. The Committee's actions in managing conflicts are done on a case-by-case basis. The management of conflicts are designed to permit projects to be performed in concert with provisions that mitigate or eliminate financial conflicts of interest and conflicts of commitment.

Key Contacts:
Thomas Chiles, Chair, Conflict of Interest Committee
Sharon Comvalius-Goddard, Director, Office for Sponsored Programs
Stephen Erickson, Director, Office for Research Integrity and Compliance
Joseph Herlihy
, General Counsel
Jason Wen, Director of Office of Technology Transfer and Licensing

Radiation Safety Committee

Responsibilities: The Radiation Safety Committee, monitors the use, possession, handling or transportation of radioisotopes on campus under the terms of the academic institution license, government guides and regulations. It establishes, approves and/or reviews safety procedures. It approves new proposals for radioisotope users, and uses, prior to purchase or acquisition of radioisotope materials and conducts an annual review of the radiation safety program. It is also responsible for the laser safety program.

Key Contacts:
Rudi Hon, Chair, Radiation Safety Committee
Gail Hall, Director, Office of Environmental Health and Safety

Chemical Hygiene Committee

The CHC monitors compliance with the university’s Chemical Hygiene Plan. It conducts periodic compliance reviews and conducts and annual training program in chemical safety. It also reviews chemical incident reports and makes recommendations for safety improvements.

Key Contacts:
Gail Hall, Director, Office of Environmental Health and Safety

Office of Environmental Health and Safety

EHS implements environmental and occupational health and safety programs and ensures compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. It offers many training programs designed to educate members of the university community about safe and healthful work practices. It monitors research facilities and programs to identify and correct health and safety hazards. It also provides information regarding environmental hazards present or potentially present at the university.

Director: Gail Hall

Office for Sponsored Programs

OSP oversees the implementation of and compliance with sponsored program policies as required by Federal law and regulation. OSP offers assistance in interpreting applicable Federal regulations and other sponsors' terms and conditions as they apply to carrying out and administering sponsored projects. In signing proposals, OSP ensures that the certifications made are accurate and complete. In executing and otherwise accepting award documents, OSP ensures compliance with the financial and management terms and conditions accepted in award documents.

Director: Sharon Comvalius-Goddard

Office of Technology Transfer and Licensing

OTTL offers members of the university community tools to further awareness of the issues involved in moving innovative ideas into the marketplace for the benefit of society.  The site provides a guide to facilitate the protection of intellectual property, and to avoid pitfalls and potential problems.  In addition, potential commercial partners are invited to review current technologies available for licensing. 

Director: Jason Wen