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Research at Boston College

Research Compliance

Boston College is committed to an effective compliance program that is coupled with its efforts to facilitate the pursuit of its research programs. In these research programs, compliance with pertinent regulations and policies is essential to enhancing the public trust. The university’s research compliance program provides support and education for faculty members, students, and staff in regulatory requirements for scientific research. The Office for Research Integrity and Compliance (ORIC) has three main responsibilities: research compliance education, oversight, and information clearinghouse.

Educational Programs

ORIC collaborates with other university offices and committees in providing a variety of educational programs. Many of these programs are related to the Responsible Conduct of Research. Other programs will be developed upon special request and as needs develop. If you would like to suggest an educational session or program related to research compliance, please contact Dr. Stephen Erickson, Director, ORIC, either be telephone (2-3345) or by email.

Research Compliance Oversight

ORIC will assist administrative offices and compliance committees by providing advice and assistance in the development of policies and procedures that best meet their needs and fulfill the relevant compliance requirements.

Research Integrity and Misconduct

Conflicts of Interest

Scientific Safety

University Research Compliance Committees and Offices

Research Compliance Clearinghouse

ORIC serves as a resource to researchers, administrative offices, and compliance committees. In the pages that follow, you will find resources on a broad range of research compliance requirements. Additional resources will be added as they become available. In addition, ORIC will also assist you in special searches for information. If you need information you do not find on these pages, please contact Dr. Stephen Erickson, Director, ORIC, either by telephone (2-3345) or by email.

ORIC Staff

Director: Dr. Stephen Erickson, 617-552-3345
Office Fax: 617-552-2970

Office for Research Integrity and Compliance
Waul House 208
270 Hammond Street
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467


New Developments

Administrative Records Retention
Administrative records related to research projects have a variety of retention requirements. This can be highly confusing and could expose the University to significant audit findings. The Directors of the Office for Research Integrity and Compliance,  Office for Research Protections,  Office for Sponsored Programs, Office for Technology Transfer and Licensing, and Office of Environmental Health and Safety, collaborated in creating a matrix of these record retention requirements. It covers a broad array of records and provides both the length of time records must be kept as well as the regulatory or policy sources for the various retention requirements. We hope you find this matrix useful.

The Conflict of Interest Policy Pertaining to Sponsored Projects has been amended to more completely address conflicts of commitments. You can find the revised policy and the new disclosure form on our Conflict of Interest page.

We are also announcing the publication of the Addendum to the Policy on Conflicts of Interest and Commitment Pertaining to Sponsored Projects that addresses the new Public Health Service Regulations. This includes NIH grants as well as awards from all other agencies covered by the Public Health Service (PHS). There is also a new disclosure form that contains items required by the PHS regulation. There is a new training requirement for principal investigators and others having responsibility for the design, conduct, or reporting of the research. The training can be satisfied by completing either the CITI COI program or the NIH Program. Please note that if you take the NIH program, you must print the certificate at the time you take the course as you cannot log out and then return later to print it. Once printed, please send the certificate to Stephen Erickson.

In addition, the following policies have been writted or amended in the past year or two:

Animal Research

Human Participant Research

Effort Reporting

Export Controls