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Boston College is an active partner in the construction and operation of the Low-Latitude Ionospheric Sensor Network (LISN), an international project to monitor the low, middle and high atmosphere in the equatorial region of South America. LISN is a permanent Distributed Observatory of new geophysical instruments in South America near the Magnetic Equator and 70 degrees West Longitude.

LISN will acquire and process data through an assimilative physics-based model that will produce accurate estimates of ionospheric electron density distributions, conductivities, ExB plasma drifts, and neutral winds in near real time.


An observatory model capable of estimating plasma densities, ion drifts and neutral winds over a large geographic area present a logistical challenge. However, realizing anticipated advances in equatorial Aeronomy, development and testing of forecasting capability of ESF regionally, and prototyping distributed low-latitude observatories create opportunities to establish sites around the globe.  

Point of Contact for this project is Cesar Valladares.