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Previous ISR Events

Events that ISR has sponsored or hosted in past years

ISEA2015 logo

ISEA14: 14th International Symposium on Equatorial Aeronomy 2015

The Boston College Institute for Scientific Research (BC ISR) co-sponsored the 14th International Symposium on Equatorial Aeronomy, to be held at Bahir Dar University, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, from 19-23 October 2015. The ISEA14 website is available online.


IES2015 logo

IES2015: 14th Ionospheric Effects Symposium

The Boston College Institute for Scientific Research hosted the 14th Ionospheric Effects Symposium (IES2015) at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Old Town Alexandria, VA, from 12 - 14 May 2015.  Visit the IES2015 website.

The Proceedings of the Symposium have been published electronically and are available at the conference website.


NASA photo of C/NOFS

Technical Interchange Meeting on C/NOFS Results and Equatorial Dynamics

The C/NOFS Science TIM was held for 2 ½ days on 12-14 March 2013 at the Hotel Andaluz in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and was co-organized by the Boston College ISR.  The overall objective of this meeting was to address questions related to the dynamics of the equatorial ionosphere from solar minimum to solar maximum.  Results from the Communication/Navigation Outage Forecasting System (C/NOFS) satellite, as well as other ground and space instruments, were presented.  The meeting also addressed research opportunities during solar maximum and before C/NOFS reentry when the orbit circularizes, as well as future programs, including the Space Situational Awareness Environmental Monitoring (SSAEM) mission planned for 2015 on COSMIC 2 and upcoming CubeSat flights. The C/NOFS 2013 TIM website is available online.


Conference photo 2009

Workshops on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS)

The ISR co-hosted the first Satellite Navigation Science and Technology Workshop for Africa at the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy March 23 - April 9, 2009.   The second Conference was held in Trieste, Italy April 6-24, 2010 and was also co-organized by the Boston College ISR.

The ISR  also co-sponsored the  "Workshop on Science Applications of GNSS in Developing Countries" on 11-27 April 2012, and the "Seminar on Development and Use of the Ionospheric NeQuick Model" on 30 April-1st May 2012, in Trieste, Italy. More details are available on the 2012 workshop website.


AMISR artist's rendition; courtesy V. Moore, SRI

Advanced Modular Incoherent Scatter Radar in Africa Workshop

The ISR hosted the "AMISR in Africa" Workshop at Boston College, March 1-3, 2012. The objective of this workshop was to identify the scientific and societal motivations for hosting an Advanced Modular Incoherent Scatter Radar (AMISR) in Ethiopia. The workshop also addressed logistical issues associated with this plan, and outlined the major hurdles to be overcome. The AMISR in Africa website has additional information, including the conference report (pdf).


ISWI logo

International Space Weather Initiative (ISWI) summer school 2010

Boston College co-sponsored the first International Space Weather Initiative summer school, which was held 28 October - 4 November, 2010 at Bahir Dar University in Ethiopia. Topics ranged from an introduction to space physics to scientific programming to instrumentation. Additional details can be found on the ISWI website (under Projects > Training > ISWI Space Science Training). The conference report is available in the ISWI newsletter (2010, vol. 2, no. 105).


BSS2016 logo

International Beacon Satellite Symposia

The Boston College ISR regularly helps to organize the Beacon Satellite Symposia (BSS). These meetings are devoted to recent developments in the use of satellite signals for both engineering and scientific research. An overview of the 2016 BSS may be found online, along with links to the symposium website and the presentations

Prior BSS events include:

  • 2013: Hosted by the University of Bath
  • 2010: Hosted by the Universitat Polithcnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain. The meeting proceedings, available online, were published in Radio Science (v. 46, nos. 3 & 6, 2011, eds. P. Doherty & M. Hernandez-Parjares).
  • 2007: Hosted by Boston College, Boston, USA, organized by P. Doherty
  • 2004: Hosted by the ICTP, Trieste, Italy, organized by R. Leitinger, P.V.S.  Rama Rao, & P. Doherty. Details on the 2004 symposium are available online.