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Original 2001 Surveys:
USEIT Teacher survey
USEIT Student survey

Reports/Reporting Schedule


Damian Bebell, Ph.D.
Assistant Research Professor
at bebell@bc.edu

Reports/Reporting Schedule

The 21st Century Classroom pilot evaluation will begin data collection with the beginning of the 2009–2010 school year and follow the implementation of the technology initiative for the remainder of the school year. An interim evaluation report will be issued in November 2009 that will summarize baseline teaching and learning practices in the pilot classroom gathered primarily from initial teacher and student surveys and will also include a summary of attitudes, beliefs, and obstacles during the beginning months of the pilot program. A final evaluation report detailing the degree to which all relevant program outcomes and expectations were met will be issued and presented in September 2010. In total, Boston College will provide evaluation services for approximately 13 months.