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Damian Bebell at bebell@bc.edu

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Newton Public Schools
21st Century
Pilot Study (NPS21)
Student Drawings

As demonstrated throughout our past 1:1 research and evaluation, student drawings provide a unique and valuable perspective on the impacts of technology as perceived by the students themselves (Bebell, 2007; Russell, Bebell & Higgins, 2004; Russell, Bebell, Cowan & Corbelli, 2003). Although student drawings may be an unusual tool for collecting information about students and their classrooms, student drawings continue to provide a rich descriptive examination into students' perspective that is often neglected in more traditional data sources.

As one component of our evaluation of Newton Public School's 21st century pilot classroom students across all pilot and comparison classrooms will provide pre/post student drawings. In each case, teachers distributed to their students the blank drawing form which prompted them to:

Think about the work you do in your classroom.
In the space below, draw a picture of yourself writing in school.

To date, drawings were collected from NPS students in Fall 2009 in both pilot and comparison classrooms. For each student drawing, a trained researcher has coded a number of dichotomous features that have been pre-selected using a emergent analytic coding process established through prior 1:1 research studies (Russell, Bebell & Higgins, 2004; Russell, Bebell, Cowan & Corbelli, 2003). The specific features coded in the drawings fall into four broad categories: Student Characteristics (what the students were doing), Technology Present (type of technology depicted), Student Demeanor (whether the student was depicted positively, negatively, or neutral), and Other Features (presence of teacher or other students, classroom decorations, multi-frame drawing). The specific drawing codes and their definitions used in the current evaluation can be accessed HERE.

Although, the final collection of student drawings has not yet been carried out, we have included a sample of notable and/or interesting drawings from the Fall 2009 data collection before any of the students had received student laptops.

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