1 to 1 Technology Initiatives


Laptop Learning: A Comparison of Teaching and Learning in Upper Elementary Classrooms Equipped With Shared Carts of Laptops and Permanent 1:1 Laptops
Michael Russell, Damian Bebell
& Jennifer Higgins
February 2004
17 pages
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How Does Teaching and Learning Change When Students are Provided With Their Own Laptop Computer?
Damian Bebell
created in 2005
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Laptop Learning in Upper Elementary Classrooms

This study continued our inquiry into how classroom practices change when technology is increased so that every student has full access to a computer in their classroom (1 to 1 student to computer ratio).

The study originated from a question posed to us by Andover Public Schools (Massachusetts): "How does teaching and learning change when upper elementary students (4th and 5th graders) are provided with their own laptop computer?" To provide an answer to this question, we undertook a year-long study that compared the laptop classrooms to the district’s "status quo" classrooms – where carts of laptop computers were rotated across multiple teachers at fixed intervals. The study focused on the changes that occur in the way that students produce work, interact with each other, and interact with their teachers when full access to their own laptop computer is available on a permanent on-going basis. The study incorporated a mixed methodology that included student surveys, student drawings, teacher interviews, teacher surveys and over 40 structured classroom observations.