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See and read about self portraits from the students at the Frederick Middle School following a request to "draw a picture of yourself writing in school".

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Damian Bebell at bebell@bc.edu

Frederick Pilot Middle School Wireless Learning Evaluation

Boston's newly launched Wireless Learning Program at the Lilla G. Frederick Pilot Middle School (LGFPMS) is one of the first urban 1:1 technology programs to participate in an independent third party comprehensive program evaluation which involves nearly 650 6th-8th grade students, their teachers, and the school and project administration.

As a pilot program, the Frederick Wireless Learning Program is making research and evaluation a focal point of its work, with the goal of providing meaningful data to local and national educators and policy makers. As such, the Technology and Assessment Study Collaborative at Boston College has been contracted to provide evaluation services that will capture the effects of the program on teaching and learning.

This research focuses on the potential wide-ranging effects of the integration of ubiquitous technology into the middle school curriculum. Voices of student participants, teacher participants, and school leaders are being systematically collected and analyzed using a variety of methods including pre-laptop and post-laptop surveys, student drawings, and interviews. In addition, the relationship among various technology practices and measures of student achievement will be examined in the final year of the study.

The evaluation commenced prior to deployment of the student laptops in December 2006 and will continue through December 2009.