BWLI Gallery 2008
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Male 8th grade student depicts a realistic picture of his laptop open and it appears
he is about to begin writing. There is a large amount of text around this drawing,
which is unique both for its presence and the fact that this graduating 8th grader
directly addresses the researcher concerning his experience and opinions of the
laptop: “They never upgrade anything on the student’s accounts. They are so
fragile that there are even rules on taking it out of the labs!” “I wonder why they
gave us these? They removed half the features, The OS is horid, This isn’t even a
full keyboard!” “Ok, what to start with. Let’s see, It is a nice looking system on the
outside, if it wasn’t all scratched. They should have given us AlienWare*, with
Windows X Office OS.” “The only App we mostly use is MS Word and FireFox!
Would have been much easier and cheap to bus Windows OS Systems”. “Still, nice
to have this advantage”.

(*AlienWare is Miami based manufacturer of laptops designed for
entertainment and gaming)

drawing 3