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Center for the Study of Testing, Evaluation and Educational Policy (CSTEEP)

Lynch School of Education

Boston College

Mission and Philosophy

inTASC is a not-for-profit research group that works collaboratively with schools, educational agencies, and businesses to conduct research and development on a variety of issues related to technology and assessment. inTASC brings together researchers who have examined several aspects of technology and assessment in schools over the past decade to focus on new questions and issues that arise from the field. Research conducted by inTASC is developed, conducted, and often disseminated in collaboration with our educational and business partners.

inTASC believes that advances in educational technology and continuously emerging applications of those technologies coupled with growing demands to document impacts on teaching and learning requires a dual focus on instructional uses of technology and applications of technology to new forms of assessment. For this reason, inTASC collaborates on research that focuses on instructional uses of technology and on applications of computer-based technologies to the technology of testing and assessment. It is our hope that this dual focus will enable us to provide research-based information to schools and educational leaders about the impacts of educational technology, and to produce new forms of assessment that capitalize on the powers of computer-based technologies and that are more sensitive to the types of learning enabled by educational technologies.

inTASC is housed in the Center for the Study of Testing, Evaluation and Educational Policy and the Lynch School of Education at Boston College.