Tools for Teaching

Links to Other Internet Resources for Learning Statistics Visually

Histograms, Correlation, Variance, Grades, and Pie Charts (Flash)

Correlation, Probability, Distributions, and Means (Flash)

Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics (Java)

Vestac's Visualisation of Statistical Concepts (Java)

The Central Limit Theorum in Action

A list of Statistics web resources

Learning Statistics

The interactive tools shown below were developed at inTASC to teach concepts visually. To view them, you will need Adobe Flash Player. It is pre-installed in most Web browsers and on most computers or you may download Flash player for free.

Exploring Correlation

Build data sets and manipulate points to discuss how variables are correlated (includes the Correlation Coefficient, the Coefficient of Determination, and linear relationships).

Click here or on the image to try the tool.

Exploring Correlation Screen Shot


Calculating Percentile Rankings

This interactive tool provides a visual representation of the normal distribution, standard deviations, and how percentile ranks are calculated.

Click here or on the image to try the tool.

Calculating Percentile Screen Shot