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Books, Reports, and Articles - 2007

center on wealth and philanthropy

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"Abundant Future"
Mukul Verma. Currents Magazine. Published October 2007.
Details a conversation with Paul G. Schervish about the transfer of $41 trillion in wealth, and why you can’t tell Donald Trump to give it up for good.
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"Geography and Giving: The Culture of Philanthropy in New England and the Nation"

John J. Havens and Paul G. Shervish. The Boston Foundation. Published June 2007. The wealthiest Massachusetts residents give much more of their income to charities than wealthy people in the rest of the country, according to a new report on charitable giving by Boston College's Center on Wealth and Philanthropy. 
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Is Today's Philanthropy Failing Beneficiaries?  Always a Risk, But not for the Most Part" by Paul G. Schervish, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, Volume 36 Number 2 June 2007, pages 373-379, edited by Wolfgang Bielefeld and Dwight Burlingame, Sage Publications.

I am pleased to be asked to comment on my friend Susan Ostrander's "The Growth of Donor Control: Revisiting the Social Relation of Philanthropy."  Her well-written and tightly argued article enables me to consider how much I still hold to the tenets of our 1990 paper.  It also encourages me to think about how my own thinking about philanthropy as a social relation has developed over the years.  Finally, it gives me an opportunity to offer my reflections on Ostrander's argument, finding many points of agreement and some places where I want to challenge some of her analysis and conclusions.

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"The Moral Biography of Wealth: Spiritual Foundations of Philanthropy in Our Age of Affluence."
Paul Schervish. The Moral Biographies of Wealth. Published 2009. A look into the framework of the teaching and learning on generosity and a look into the term moral biography and what it means to individuals.
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"Recent Trends in the Timing and Allocation of Charitable Giving."
Paul Schervish and John Havens. Philanthropy Magazine. Published September/October 2007. Examines recent trends in the field of philanthropy and their effect on charitable giving.
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"Wealth and Giving By The Numbers."
Paul Schervish and Andras Szanto. Reflections: Excepts from Wealth & Giving Forum Gatherings, Issue 2. Published Fall 2006. This article excerpts findings presented in a more compreshensive report by Paul G. Schervish, titled "Aspirations and Apprehensions: Commentary on the Wealth & Giving Forum Survey."
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