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Books, Reports and Articles - 1994

center on wealth and philanthropy

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"Gospels of Wealth: How the Rich Portray their Lives".
Paul G. Schervish, Platon Coutsoukis, and Ethan Lewis. Westport, Conn: Praeger, 1994.
Twelve first-person narratives by the wealthy about their lives drawn from the interviews conducted for "The Study on Wealth and Philanthropy." In addition to the transcripts, the book contains an introductory essay on "The Wealthy and the World of Wealth," a short thematic introduction to each narrative, and a concluding essay on interpreting autobiographical narratives.

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"The Moral Biographies of the Wealthy and the Cultural Scripture of Wealth."
Paul G. Schervish. In Wealth in Western Thought: The Case for and Against Riches, edited by Paul G. Schervish. Westport, CT: Praeger, 1994. 167-208.
In this paper I seek to make sociological sense of how the wealthy make moral sense of their wealth. The leading questions are firstly, how the autobiographical narratives of the wealthy take shape as moral biographies in which the wealthy recount their exercise of virtue to make more of what is given them by fortune? And secondly, what this reveals about the underlying social meaning of wealth in American society?

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"The Sound of One Hand Clapping: The Case For and Against Anonymous Giving." Paul G. Schervish. Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations 5, no. 1 (1994): 1-26.
The paper draws on intensive interviews with 130 m illionaires to explore the case for and against anonymous giving, to indicate a number of key findings about anonymous giving among the wealthy, and to describe the potential of anonymous giving to raise both the level of care and control in philanthropic relationships.

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"Wealth in Western Thought: The Case for and Against Riches".
Edited by Paul G. Schervish. Westport, CT: Praeger, 1994.
A series of seven essays by scholars from a range of disciplines analyzing the varied cultural consciousness of wealth from the vantage point of scripture, ethics, classical and Reformation literature, history, economics, and sociology. Each essay explores an aspect of the complex and often contradictory cultural inheritance of economic sentiment, feeling, and belief that frames the culture of wealth in contemporary America.

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