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Books, Reports and Articles - 1987

center on wealth and philanthropy

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"Family Life and the Economy: Graver Responsibilities and Scarcer Resources"

Paul G. Schervish. Edited by Frederick H. Brigham, Jr. and Steven Preister. Families, the Economy, and the Church. Catholic Conference, Washington, D.C., 1987.

In his paper, Dr. Schervish outlines the change in our economy and its effect on families. In the nineteenth century, 80% of the people were self-employed; now that number has dimished to 8.4%. As a result, most families are separated from production as it has left the home. Families are now forced to look to the marketplace to provide for child care, care of the elderly, and other related human needs. Dr. Schervish observes the present draft of the pastoral letter on the economy does not address the economic role of families and their needs. He urges that the Church must look at the family as it is and its many needs and insist on income of sufficient level.

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"Varieties of Philanthropic Practice Among the Wealthy." Paul G. Schervish and Andrew Herman. Annual Spring Research Forum of the Independent Sector, New York, NY, Mar. 19-20, 1987.
In this article, the authors provide a tentative answer to a vexing statistical question about the level of charitable giving in the United States: Why does the Independent Sector's (IS) "Survey of Giving and Volunteering" consistently estimate personal contributions to nonprofit organizations to be 65% to 75% lower than corresponding estimates reported by the American Association of Fund-Raising Counsel (AAFRC).

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