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Strategies of Philanthropy

center on wealth and philanthropy

"Adoption and Altruism: Those With Whom I Want to Share a Dream."
Paul G. Schervish. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly 21, no. 4 (Winter 1992): 327-350.
In this paper I propose a non-reductionist notion of altruism by reviewing various findings from my study on philanthropy among the wealthy, with a special emphasis on what I call adoption philanthropy. I argue that, for the most part, attempts to define altruism from deductive philosophical or theoretical reasoning are destined to disappoint, and that what positive understanding of altruism does remain must be gleaned from an inductive examination of adoption philanthropy.

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"Agent-Animated Wealth and Philanthropy: The Dynamics of Accumulation and Allocation Among High-Tech Donors."
By Paul G. Schervish, Mary A. O'Herlihy, and John J. Havens, Social Welfare Research Institute, Boston College. Final Report of the 2001 High-Tech Donors Study. 2001.
Through in-depth interviews, the Study sought to pinpoint the executives' motivations behind giving and the relationship between their business success and their charitable work. The Study looked to answer whether their views on giving represented a "new" philanthropy and whether the term "venture philanthropy" adequately captured their philanthropic approach.

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"The Modern Medici: Patterns, Motivations, and Giving Strategies of the Wealthy."
Paul G. Schervish. Paper presented on the panel, "The New Philanthropists," at the inaugural forum, "What is 'New' About New Philanthropy," of the University of Southern California Nonprofit Studies Center. Los Angeles, January 20, 2000.
This paper addresses three aspects of the relationship between wealth and philanthropy that can serve as foundations for understanding and influencing what I consider to be a forthcoming golden age of philanthropy: the large and exponential growth in wealth, the motivational array that inclines wealth holders to contribute to charity, and the array of strategies they use in carrying out their philanthropy.

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