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Boston Area Diary Study

center on wealth and philanthropy

"The Boston Area Diary Study and the Moral Citizenship of Care."
Paul G. Schervish and John J. Havens. Forthcoming March 2002 in Voluntas.
This paper describes the theoretical foundations, empirical findings, and practical implications of what we call the moral citizenship or moral economy of care. In particular, we present an identification model of care; discuss how it shaped the way we conceptualized, collected, and analyzed the data in our year-long diary study of daily voluntary assistance; and suggest that when civic engagement is properly defined and measured there may in fact be no deterioration in the physical or moral density of associational life as is suggested by many contemporary commentators.
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"Comparisons Between Gallup / IS and Boston Area Diary Study Data: Report of Findings."
John J. Havens and Paul G. Schervish. Social Welfare Research Institute, Boston College, Mar. 31, 1997.
This report documents the results of comparisons between data on giving, volunteering, and income collected by the Gallup Organization for the Independent Sector and corresponding data for the same respondents collected by the "Boston Area Diary Study" (BADS). In general we find that there are major differences between amounts of time volunteered, money and goods contributed, and family income reported to Gallup as compared with the same information reported to BADS by the same respondents.
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"The Methods and Metrics of the Boston Area Diary Study."
John J. Havens and Paul G. Schervish. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, vol. 30, no.3, Sept. 2001, pp. 527-550.
In this paper we discuss the conceptual framework, methods, and findings of "BADS" in order to provide insights into the problems and prospects of survey research on philanthropy. We hope that the lessons we have learned may both provide knowledge on the fabric of care in our society, as well as suggest theoretical and practical implications for others conducting survey research in this field.
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"Our Daily Bread: Findings from the First Diary Study on Giving and Receiving Care."
John J. Havens and Paul G. Schervish.
Research report on the findings from interviews three to four times a month for a year with Boston area residents concerning their patterns of giving and receiving financial and in-kind assistance, volunteer time, and emotional support. July 1997.

"By Their Fruits, Shall We Know Them?: Comparing Philosophy of Giving to Actual Behavior."
Laura M. Leming and John J. Havens. Presented at the 1998 annual meeting of the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action, Seattle, Nov. 5-7, 1998.
This paper is an extension of the analysis of Boston College Social Welfare Research Institute "Boston Area Diary Study" (BADS) wherein participants were interviewed weekly for a year about their charitable giving and volunteering. The "BADS" study provides a unique opportunity to compare respondents' answers to four open-ended questions about their philosophy of giving with their actual contributions of time and money. This paper reports the qualitative analysis of this comparison.
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