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Wealth and the Commonwealth


2014, No. 32  July 18, 2014

Women and Wealth Statistic Clarification

2014, No. 31   May 28, 2014

Report Release:

Golden Age of Philanthropy Still Beckons: National Wealth Transfer and Potential for Philanthropy

2013, No. 30  October 22, 2013

Announcement of 5th Annual National Estate Planning Awareness Week

2013, No. 29  May 30, 2013

Paul Schervish receives 2013 Distinguished Career Award from the American Sociological Association.

2013, No. 28   March 5 2013

The Transfer of Wealth in Greater Boston release

2013, No. 27   March 2013

Boston Foundation report announcements

2012, No. 26   March 2012

North Dakota study updates

2010, No. 25   December 25, 2010

Holiday Greetings!

2010, No. 24   September 24, 2010

Featuring The Joys and Dilemmas of parenting colloquium.


2010, No. 23   July 29, 2010

Updated Individual Giving Model estimates and book excerpt from Wealth and the Will of God.

2010, No. 22   May 27, 2010

Press Release:  Household Charitable Giving Down Five  Percent from 2008

2010, No. 21  May 11, 2010

New Book Release  Wealth and the Will of God by Paul Schervish and Keith Whitaker

2010, No. 20
New Jersey Wealth Migration Study

2010, No. 19
Individial Giving Model Press Release

2009, No. 18
Forbes Magazine: "Huge Wave In Charitable Giving Still Coming," and "America's Looming Philanthropic Revolution."

2009, No. 17
Wealth and Giving in the Current Economic Crisis Conference, June 9th and 10th, 2009

2008, No. 16
Featured Research:
"Receiving and Giving as a Spiritual Exercise"

2008, No. 15
Featured Research:
"Charitable Giving Might Not Melt Down, Philanthropy Scholar Predicts"


2008, No. 14
Supply and Demand of Philanthropy Conference, October 7 - 8, 2008


2008, No. 13
Featured Research:
"Joys and Dilemmas of Wealth Study"

2007, No. 12
Featured Research:
"The Moral Biography of Wealth: Philosophical Reflections on the Foundation of Philanthropy."

2006, No. 11
Featured Research:
"State-by-State Assessment of U.S. Charitable Giving"


2006, No. 10
Featured Research:
"Wealth Transfer"


2005, No. 9
Featured Research:
"Geography and Generosity: Boston and Beyond"


2005, No. 8
Featured Research:
"The Moral Biography of Wealth"


2005, No. 7
Featured Research:
"Regional and State Wealth Transfer Estimates"


2004, No. 6
Featured Research:
"The Inheritance of Wealth and the Commonwealth: The Ideal of Paideia in an Age of Affluence"


2003, No. 5
Featured Research:
"CWP Report on Planned Giving"


2003, No. 4
Featured Research:
"The New Physics of Philanthropy: The Spiritual Side of the Supply Side"


2003, No. 3
Featured Research:
"Why the $41 Trillion Wealth Transfer is Still Valid"


2002: No. 2
Featured Research:
"The New Physics of Philanthropy: The Supply-Side Vectors of Charitable Giving.
Part 1: The Material Side of the Supply Side."


2002: No. 1
Featured Research:
"The Mind of the Millionaire: Findings from the Study on Wealth with Responsibility."