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Wealth and the Will of God

By Paul G. Schervish and Keith Whitaker

wealth aThe Center on Wealth and Philanthropy is pleased to announce the release of a new book co-authored by Paul G. Schervish and Keith Whitaker, Wealth and the Will of God, published by Indiana University Press.

The book looks at some of the spiritual resources of the Christian tradition that can aid serious reflection on wealth and giving. Beginning with Aristotle—who is crucial for understanding later Christian thought—the book discusses Aquinas, Ignatius, Luther, Calvin, and Jonathan Edwards. Though the ideas vary greatly, the chapters are organized to facilitate comparisons among these thinkers on issues of ultimate purposes or aspirations of human life; on the penultimate purposes of love, charity, friendship, and care; on the resources available to human beings in this life; and finally on ways to connect and implement in practice our identified resources with our ultimate ends.

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