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Geography and Generosity

center on wealth and philanthropy

Over the past decade, increasing attention has been focused on the relative generosity - or lack thereof - of the residents of different states or regions in this country. In particular, various reports published locally and nationally have drawn sharply different conclusions regarding the generosity of Massachusetts residents. The resolution of this issue holds profound significance for the overall economy of the Commonwealth, and especially for the state's vital nonprofit sector.

In September 2004, with funding from the Boston Foundation, the Center on Wealth and Philanthropy at Boston College began a two-year study, Geography and Generosity: Boston and Beyond, focusing on individual generosity for regions, states, and metropolitan areas across the United States. This publication reports on the first year of research. Follow the link below to access a PDF of the full report.

Geography and Generosity: Boston and Beyond (PDF)

This report has received a significant amount of media coverage. Please follow these links to see different news reports regarding the Geography and Generosity report.


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