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Background Resources

Center for Christian-Jewish Learning

Background resources on Christian-Jewish relations are arranged in the following categories:

An online library that chronicles the evolving conversation and relationship between the Christian and Jewish communities. This online library provides a comprehensive cyber-archive of official statements, historic documents, educational resources, and current information.

Noteworthy essays on topics in Christian-Jewish relations, including the Christian-Jewish dialogue, Christian and Jewish theological topics, history, and the Middle East.

A major online collection of documents on Christian-Jewish relations issued by Christian churches, Jewish organizations, and Jewish and Christian collaborations.

Educational Resources
A selection of texts and materials on the Jewish and Christian relationship for educators, preachers, and interfaith leaders.

Jewish Understanding of Other
A collection of texts from the past two millennia that grapple with Jewish understandings of and relationships to non-Jewish neighbors. Texts are in their original languages, together with English translations and comments on how to interpret them today.

Reviews of books, films, or resources relevant to Christian-Jewish relations.

Streaming Videos
Center lectures and educational programs.

Related Links
A collection of links to other websites concerned with Christian-Jewish relations.