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Current Academic Year's Courses

center for christian-jewish learning

FALL 2018

After World War I: Spiritual Recovery / Fascism / Personalis (James Bernauer, S.J.)
This course investigates the birth and development of fascism as political cultures. 

Religious Quest: Comparative Perspectives (Ruth Langer)
This course explores Judaism and Christianity through their apparent points of contact as well as their differences. The fall semester focuses on Exodus and Matthew and their functions as the "master stories" of their communities, shaping self-understandings and ritual lives. The spring semester of this course delves into the creation narratives of Genesis, studying the two communities' interpretations of the biblical text and how it and its interpretations shape people's lives. It considers such topics as birth and death, marriage and reproductive ethics, ecology, economic justice, and the Sabbath.

Jews and Christians: Understanding the Other (Ruth Langer)
Interreligious dialogue requires interreligious understanding. This course will build a foundation for genuine dialogue between Jews and Christians by posing fundamental theological questions in a comparative context. Students will gain an understanding of the other tradition while also deepening their understanding of their own, discussing such matters as the human experience of God, the purpose of human existence, the nature of religious community, and the ways that the communities respond to challenges, both contemporary and ancient.