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Event Videos

Center for Christian-Jewish Learning

The Center for Christian-Jewish Learning provides links to streaming videos of past Center events.

Between the Holocaust and the Nakba: When Genya and Henryk Kowalski Challenged History, Jaffa 1949
Alon Confino

Neither Moloch nor the Velveteen Rabbit (Keynote Address at the 2019 Corcoran Chair Conference)
Patrick J. Ryan, S.J.

Christian Privilege, Christian Fragility, and the Gospel of John: How American Race Relations inform Jewish-Christian Dialogue
Prof. Amy-Jill Levine

The Psalms: Jewish-Catholic Dialogue through Shared Praise
Andrew Davis

Towards the Ends of the Earth: Land in the Jewish-Christian Dialogue
Rev. David Neuhaus, S.J.

A Celebration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of Nostra Aetate
James O'Toole, Rabbi Or Rose, Rev. Michael McGarry, Jennifer Howe Peace, Rev. Demetrios Tonias, Ruth Langer, James Bernauer, S.J.

Defying their Own Regime: German Rescuers of Jews
Dr. Mordecai Paldiel

Pere Marie-Benoit, Rescuer of Jews in Marseille and Rome: His Character, Achievements, and Impact
Dr. Susan Zuccotti

J.S. Bach's St. John Passion: A Pre-concert Panel Discussion on Anti-Semitism
Prof. James Bernauer, S.J.  

John XXIII and John Paul II: "The Human Rights Popes"
Gerald J. Beyer

The Jewishness of Jesus: Renewing Christian Appreciation
Rev. Dr. Christian M. Rutishauser, S.J.

"Mind the Gap": Bridging One Dozen Lacunae in Jewish-Catholic Dialogue
Rabbi Michael J. Cook, Ph.D.

Absolved from the Guilt of the Past? Memory as Burden and as Grace in Post-War Lives of Perpetrators of the Shoah
Katharina von Kellenbach

Pope John Paul II on Christian-Jewish Relations: His Legacy, Our Challenges
John T. Pawlikowski, O.S.M.

Cushing, Spellman, O'Connor: The Surprising Story of How Three American Cardinals Transformed Catholic-Jewish Relations
Rabbi James Rudin

Beyond Catholic-Jewish Dialogue: A New Paradigm for the 21st Century
Rabbi Daniel L. Lehmann

Are Jews and Christians Living in a Post-Polemical World?
David Berger

Is this the Golden Age in Jewish-Catholic Relations?
Richard J. Sklba

The Word Set Free: Presenting the New Testament in its First-Century Context
Daniel J. Harrington, SJ; Chris Leighton, David Michael, Celia Sirois

Christian Theologians and the Bible in Nazi Germany
Susannah Heschel, Kevin Spicer

Formation of the Religious Conscience after the Shoah: Bonhoeffer's Spirituality for Today
Lisa Dahill, Mark Krell, Stephen Pope, Victoria Barnett

Costly Discipleship and Contemporary Culture: Bonhoeffer as a Model for Religious Activism
Rabbi Or Rose; David Gushee; James Bernauer; SJ; Clifford Green

From Denial to Acceptance: Holy See-Israel Relations
Mordechay Lewy

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Where We Are and How We Got There
Mark Tessler

Anti-Americanism and Antisemitism: The Uneasy Connection
Robert Wistrich


The Church's Witness on Issues in the Arab-Israeli Conflict
Sr. Ruth Lautt, Ruth Langer

Jewish and Christian Responses to Peacemaking and War
David Hollenbach, SJ; Rev. Rodney Petersen; Rabbi Or Rose

Catholic-Jewish Dialogue in Germany after the Holocaust
Fr. Hanspeter Heinz

Religious Pluralism without Relativism
Raphael Jospe

Heschel and King: Legacy and Responsibility
Cornel West

Fuller Meaning: Christian and Jewish Readings of the Bible
Gary Anderson, Jon Levenson

Estranged [Br]others: Rabbinic Judaism and Early Christianity
Adiel Schremer

Seeing Judaism Anew in Our Time
Mary C. Boys, Philip Cunningham, Alice Eckardt, Eva Fleischner, Walter Harrelson, Rueven Kimelman, Michael Paulson, Ruth Langer, John Merkle, Gilbert Rosenthal, Jean-Pierre Ruiz, Karla Suomala

Christ's Passion: What's at Stake for Christians Jews? Personal Meditations for Holy Week
Philip Cunningham; Raymond Helmick, SJ; John Michalczyk; Louis Roy, OP

The Jewish-Christian Debate in the Early Modern Period: Spinoza, Modena, and Isaac of Troki
Daniel J. Lasker

Should Catholics Seek to Convert Jews (If Jews Are in True Covenant with God?)
Philip Cunningham, Michael Himes, Frederick Lawrence

For the Sake of Heaven and Earth: The New Encounter Between Judaism and Christianity
Irving Greenberg and Panel

Portraying the Passion: The Gospels, Christian Theologies of Judaism, and Antisemitism
Philip Cunningham

Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik: An Interreligious Dialogue, 40 Years Later
Rabbi Eugene Korn and Panel

The Moral Minority, Altruism, Rescue, and the Human Condition: Lessons from the Holocaust
Alan Berger

Speaking to Each Other in Times of Controversy
Sam Lloyd, Barry Shrage, Rosann Catalano