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Center Papers

Center for Christian-Jewish Learning

The Center for Christian-Jewish Learning provides papers of various Center events.

Annual John Paul II Lectures in Christian-Jewish Relations are available here.

The Catholic Church and the Jewish People from Vatican II to Today
(October, 2004-January, 2005)

Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik on Interreligious Dialogue: 40 Years Later
Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik (November, 2003)

The Theology of the Covenant as a Central Issue in Jewish-Christian Dialogue
Cardinal Walter Kasper (December, 2001)

Norman Solomon (December, 2001)

Eschatology, Fulfillment, and Co-Covenanting Communities
Philip A. Cunningham (December, 2001)

Comments on Covenant 
David Fox Samel (December, 2001)

The Covenant and the Jewish-Christian Dialogue
Mary C. Boys (December, 2001)