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Center Activities

center for christian-jewish learning

Current Activities

  • Invitational conferences for Christian and Jewish scholars to develop fresh perspectives on the Christian and Jewish relationship.
  • Courses in which Jews and Christians study their own  traditions with students from the other, related tradition, and guided by teams of Jewish and Christian professors. These can be used for major, minor, and concentration options on the undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • Two Academic Chairs: The Corcoran Visiting Professorship and the Kraft Family Professorship.
  • Interdisciplinary faculty and student seminars on Jewish-Christian relations.
  • A major web site to foster Jewish and Christian relations, including a documents library, articles, course syllabi, current news, book reviews, related links, and educational and research resources.
  • Publication of resources and a scholarly journal, Studies in Christian-Jewish Relations.
  • Junior Scholars Research Grants, which support Boston College junior scholars pursuing research in the area of Christian-Jewish relations.
  • Sponsorship of theological, interdisciplinary and educational research in collaboration with other universities and research centers, nationally and internationally.
  • Regular presentations by guest speakers to enrich and encourage dialogue among faculty and students.
  • Collaborative programming with regional institutions and religious bodies to promote Christian and Jewish amity in various contexts.

Future Activities

  • Research fellowships to leading academics studying issues of the Jewish and Christian relationship.   
  • Overseas study tours.